Digital Health Platform: Access

Qure4u helps you begin the digital health journey before the patient even arrives. Self-managed tools for the patient provide easier access, while EHR-integrated information collection removes manual processes so you can capture more business.


» Patient self-scheduling simplifies time-consuming interactions

  • Reduce incoming calls and rescheduling requests
  • Control your calendar with real-time smart triage
  • Avoid costly no-shows with automatic appointment reminders
  • Reallocate staff and overcome staffing shortages

Pre-visit prep instructions ensure optimal visit

  • Improve adherence by automatically sending prep information
    in the MyCarePlan app
  • Help patients access care details whenever they need to —on their own devices

Offer simple, contactless service

  • Ease patient concerns with Qure4u DriveUp™ and Virtual Waiting Room™
  • Automate COVID screening questionnaires

Increase access. Save time. Enhance revenue.

Meet all of your patient’s health needs with the complete Qure4u digital health platform, including improved access and simplified end-to-end interactions. 

» Create a Digital Front Door with MyCarePlan

Label the patient-facing app with your own brand to increase brand equity and patient loyalty.

  • Simplify the patient journey with a seamless, single point of access
  • Improve the patient experience with an easy-to-use interface
  • Enable care from anywhere with high satisfaction rates
  • Let your team focus on patient care instead of schedules and calls

minutes saved per
patient per visit


more patients seen
per provider per day


or more increase
in clinic efficiency


increased revenue per
provider per year

Access is just the beginning!

Learn more about the complete, EHR-integrated Qure4u digital health platform.


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