Care Plans

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Care Plans

Ensure your patients receive the highest level of care. Create personalized Care Plans with custom tasks and reminders. Automated tasks are sent based on appointments to enhance patient compliance and minimize cancellations and rescheduled procedures.

Position your staff to identify potential issues and infections before they escalate. By tailoring these care plans, patients can receive individualized attention, leading to optimal recovery and fewer hospital readmissions.


Here are a few: Utilize procedure Care Plans to help track your patients pre- and post-operatively; help your patients be compliant and prepped properly to avoid canceled and rescheduled procedures; and negotiate better fee schedules due to low costs accrued by being proactive in the patient’s care during and after the procedure.

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The Care Plans solution was created to improve outcomes for everyone involved, offering mobile and web-browser access, plus custom alerts for non-compliance and out-of-range responses.

There are daily text reminders, with videos, attachments, questionnaires, consents, payments, and more. You can also offer screening questionnaires delivered to your patients at scheduled frequencies, and automatic enrollment based on appointment type or procedure.

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Our Care Plans solution pairs perfectly with Text Messaging, Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Newsfeed to deliver the results your organization needs.