How Qure4u helps optimize, reduce burdens, and more

Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Glens Falls, NY

Hudson Headwaters Health Network Partners with Qure4u for a Long-term Solution. As a partner, not just a vendor, Qure4u’s alignment with Hudson Headwaters solved problems to provide scalable functionality through a single solution rather than several vendors/integrations

Premier Family Physicians, Austin, TX

Premier Family Physicians uses Qure4u
to increase productivity and automation during and Post-COVID. Qure4u’s Digital check-in, payment collection, telehealth, and self-scheduling solutions allow PFP to provide top-notch patient experiences when it mattered the most.

Unified Women's Healthcare

An OBGYN  organization with 5,000+ providers across the US employs the Qure4u platform to improve the transparency and  communications between their providers, as well as optimizing patients’ experience

Premier Family Physicians, Austin, TX

Premier Family Physicians initially partnered with Qure4u to streamline their digital front door. Soon after, as the world began to feel the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, they knew they had to quickly adapt and find a solution that would allow them to bypass the physical barrier of providing care for their patients.

How Qure4u's telehealth is transforming medicine

Qure4u has processed more than 122,600 telehealth visits between March and July 2020, enabling our partners to continue providing care, and generating revenue in excess of $4,270,000 during this unforeseen period. Additionally, our customers are experiencing a patient platform adoption rate of 78% amongst all age demographics.

Texas Colon & Rectal Specialists

The largest practice of its kind in the United States, with 17 specialists in 18 locations employs the Qure4u “All-in-One” Patient platform to improve the patient journeys and maximize their in-office efficiencies

Qure4u Rapid response telehealth during COVID-19

During March 2020, Qure4u has deployed virtual care solutions for 2,975 providers and enabled them to change their care delivery to be 90% virtual.