Create a Contactless “Virtual Waiting Room” with Qure4u

A virtual what?!… If the COVID-19 pandemic has upended your practice and required hard decisions and decisive actions, trust us, you’ll want to keep reading!  As patients return to in-person visits, they want to minimize the time in your waiting room before and after clinical encounters.

Your team is working hard to adapt to your waiting room and workflows to provide a safe environment for your patients and staff. These changes require fewer open seats for social distancing, masks for patients and staff, and faster patient flows.

Wait times need to be much shorter!

With Qure4u, you can deliver a “virtual waiting room.”  Patients can self-schedule and self-check-in for in-person visits from the comfort and safety of their own home [or sitting in their car before the visit].



Our customers report 80% of their patients’ check-in from home and prefer the contactless check-in experience rather than sitting in a crowded waiting room wearing a mask.  This drastically reduces their wait times and improves their overall experience.

Now that you’ve imagined a virtual waiting room think about reducing your staff’s manual workflows.  The digital front-end registration through our platform integrates back to your EHR. Convenient, right?  So why not allow your patients to:

• complete all paperwork remotely
• update their health history
• completing consent forms
• communicate with their healthcare provider

Enhancing the contactless digital check-in experience, patients can also manage copays and pay balances using Qure4u, eliminating even more face-to-face contact with your office administrators while improving your collection rate.

Our digital patient intake ROI calculator can help you explore potential revenue opportunities and staff savings from a “virtual waiting room.”

To learn more about how Qure4u’s complete Virtual Care platform can benefit you, please contact us today to schedule a strategic discussion or even a live demo.