Digital Health Platform: Engage

Before, during, and after the visit, engage patients in a better healthcare experience that also makes sense for your business.


» Secure telehealth built into our digital platform offers care everywhere

  • Deliver convenient, high-quality care that leads to positive outcomes
  • Reduce after-hours work with HIPAA-compliant access from anywhere
  • Overcome patient no-shows that average $150k in lost revenue per year
  • Increase profitability and avoid costly usage fees

» Remote patient monitoring offers enhanced care as a new line of business

  • Make better clinical decisions based on real-time patient data
  • Review and act on automatically generated alerts for patients who need care
  • Increase revenue opportunities between visits with RPM monitoring and billing

» Digital health improves engagement throughout the patient journey

  • Conveniently connect with your patients when they need care
  • Manage transitions of care seamlessly with planning tools
  • Improve adherence to care plans and preventive-care appointments
  • Automatically deliver pre-visit prep information and post-care follow-up

Increase patient engagement. Save time. Enhance revenue.

Empower high-quality care by bringing the patient, caregiver, and provider together in an intuitive virtual environment with the complete Qure4u digital health platform. Enjoy a simple startup and faster time-to-value.

» Accelerate profitability in value-based care

Improved patient engagement means better clinical outcomes, which leads to profitable results in value-based arrangements.

  • Collect patient-reported outcomes automatically and document your care quality for optimal reimbursement
  • Monitor patient satisfaction with customized surveys optimized for your brand
  • Add even more revenue streams as part of your integrated virtual care strategy, including remote patient monitoring

Engagement benefits the patient and your business! Learn more about the complete, EHR-integrated Qure4u digital health platform.


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