Healthcare From a Patient POV

By: Eloise Hale

Why Will Practices Not Adopt Digital Conveniences for Their Patients?
Is my time not of value to them?

My time is valuable. Period.
No, seriously, I’ve given you two hours of my time, an hour before you ever entered the exam room for a quick 7-minute visit. Are you kidding me?

Let me share a painful experience that is common in most organizations. Upon arrival, I see the waiting room is almost full, glass partitions on the countertops, and a communal clipboard to sign-in [I used my pen]. I answered COVID-19 questions, handed the front desk associate my insurance card and license, and took my picture for my chart. After updating my profile, I provided a card for payment. Thankfully I carry hand sanitizer because surfaces were not cleaned in between patient engagements. This entire manual experience could have been avoided and saved me 30 minutes and the office staff 10 minutes with a better digital front door
An hour after arriving, my head started hurting. Immediately my mind went into a slight panic. Can I catch COVID-19 this quick? Am I dehydrated because I need water? I’m still wearing my mask, is my brain getting enough oxygen? Could I be stressed waiting for the physician’s arrival while thinking of the task list that continues to grow?

Don’t get me wrong; the quiet alone time in the exam room is nice. I’ve cleared off work emails rewrote today’s task list, browsed Facebook, and daydreamed of being on a warm beach; however, it is prevalent that you’re losing revenue while I lose precious time in my
already busy day.

During my lengthy wait, I began evaluating the organization’s processes: appointment scheduling, check-in, reminders, safety, etc. The platform is antiquated and not user friendly. I’m pretty tech-savvy; however, I left the website portal feeling frustrated and that I wasted more time. Jokes on me since I didn’t have anything else to do. I attempted to schedule an appointment with another provider within the enterprise group. Following was the appointment scheduling process:

  1. Selected schedule an appointment
  2. Selected the provider I’ve seen before, within the enterprise group
  3. Clicked to request an appointment
  4. The next screen notified me that the date and time would be determined after a scheduler reaches out. However, I could select a preferred date range or the next available time
  5. The last screen was a notification that my request message has been sent

To recap, after five clicks to schedule an appointment, I still do not have one scheduled. It would have been quicker for me to call the office. Calling the office to schedule my appointment will take office staff away from an important task for 10-12 minutes, which is a
loss of revenue for the practice.

Pretty frustrating for loyal patients, huh?
Why not reduce administrative processes and improve patient satisfaction while increasing your revenue?

Patients want:

  • Convenience
  • A short wait
  • Safe + contactless engagements
  • Easy ways to book appointments
  • Curbside check-in
  • Automated reminders + communications

I want to introduce you to healthcare’s most robust, interoperable virtual platform, Qure4u.

Qure4u provides an all-inclusive platform for virtual and face-face visits coupled with digital registration, self-scheduling, virtual waiting rooms, payments, Telehealth calls, post-visit Remote Patient Monitoring with device integration, and Chronic Care Management. The robust
consumer-centric virtual care platform is built for providers and embedded into their native EHR technology, reducing provider burnout. Designed with ease of use for both the provider and the patient, Qure4u enables patients to interact with their healthcare providers digitally throughout their entire patient journey.

It is imperative to orchestrate a safe care strategy for your organization to engage patients at
home or in-person. A scalable, provider-centric platform embedded into your EHR will allow
your organization to achieve your health and efficiency goals while driving new patient acquisition.

Bring new and loyal patients in the virtual door by optimizing your digital front door. Effectively engage with patients at every significant touchpoint of their patient journey with what they are looking for and engage with them accordingly. A digital front door strategy offers your organization unprecedented efficiency and access, and patients the flexibility and convenience they want.

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