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The larger your organization, the greater
the need for efficiency and consistency. Those just happen to be our specialties.

The all-in-one answer to solve nagging issues.

Qure4u is a fully integrated solution that supports the entire patient journey. It drives brand equity, in-office efficiency, and revenue while optimizing clinical insight and offering an unparalleled patient experience.

You’ll also see your patients also empowered to prepare for appointments, monitor their vitals, and connect with their providers through secure messaging and telehealth through Qure4u’s all-in-one app

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saved per patient per encounter
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of US adults have at least one chronic condition according to the CDC

Patient self-scheduling shortens tedious tasks.

  • Reduce incoming calls and rescheduling requests.
  • Control your calendar with real-time smart triage.
  • Avoid costly no-shows with automatic appointment reminders.
  • Reallocate staff and overcome staffing shortages.

Actionable data collected in real time is a game-changer.

  • Our real-time aggregation platform allows your organization to detect and monitor patients at-risk.
  • You can easily communicate with your patients and track their results.

Pre-visit prep instructions ensure an optimal visit.

  • Improve adherence by automatically sending prep information to MyCarePlan app.
  • Help patients conveniently access care details whenever they need to — on their own devices, at their own pace.

Increase access.
Save time.
Boost revenue.

Each of your patients has unique needs, and with the MyCarePlan digital health platform, it’s simple to improve access and simplify end-to-end interactions.

Create a Digital Front Door with MyCarePlan
  • Reduce incoming calls and rescheduling requests
  • Control your calendar with real-time smart triage
  • Avoid costly no-shows with automatic appointment reminders
  • Reallocate staff and overcome staffing shortages
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Average revenue increase by
collecting payment digitally

In a single year,
with digital check-in ...

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More patients seen
per provider per day
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Saved per patient per visit
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Or more increased
in-clinic efficiency
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Increased revenue
per provider per year

In a single year,
digital check-in ...

Connecting patients and providers
before, during, and after the visit
through our Circle of Care


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