Optimizing Patient Flow and Follow-up

Watch Video about Maria. Maria is checking in her kid for his appointment using her phone, and communicating with the doctor afterwards using telehealth

Supporting Self-care before and after procedures

Watch the video about Olivia. Olivia is scheduled for knee surgery and needs help preparing for the procedure, as well as being monitored for any adverse events once she is back home again.

Remote Patient Monitoring for High-risk Patients

Watch Video about Sophie. Sophie has diabetes and is pregnant, she needs help monitoring her vitals at home and to be in close contact with her care team.

Helping patients with complex conditions

Watch Video about Peter. Peter is diagnosed with a complex condition and needs help navigating the healthcare system.

Optimizing Care Coordination

Watch Video about Catherine. Catherine is coordinating care for multiple patients and use Qure4u’s Follow-up dashboards to manage care and detect patients at risk.