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Our Innovative Technology Platform

Qure4u is a very powerful real-time data aggregation platform, a monitoring platform that can detect patients at risk, and a communication platform that ties it all together.

  • It brings clinical awareness of targeted patient health factors
  • Prompts patient compliance
  • Provides clinical team oversight and efficient remote engagement

​Our patient mobile app guides patient compliance with care protocols specifically selected by our provider clients at home or wherever they go.

The EHR agnostic platform is fully embedded into EHR, so whenever providers change the patient’s diagnosis or orders, the platform updates the patient care plan in real-time.

​Empowering patients in guided self-care, we capture specific relevant patient-generated data through intelligent patient questionnaires, automated messaging, and integrated home-monitoring devices and apps.

Our Expertise

Benefit from more than 120 years of combined Health IT expertise.

Qure4u is founded and directed by a medical doctor, Dr. Monica Bolbjerg. She founded the first patient portal in the world back in 2001 and has worked with patient engagement tools since then.

She has surrounded herself with a team that has extensive experience in healthcare technology. Combined the team has more than 120 years of experience in how to develop and implement Health IT successfully.

​Our platform is used by thousands of doctors and millions of patients. We have observed an average patient engagement rate of 82% and an ongoing engagement rate of 65%.

​We know how to make this a success for both providers and patients.

Our Service

Technology alone won't do it.

No matter how user friendly and application is, there will always be patients that will require technical assistance, because of this, we have a dedicated support line to help you with those patients needs.

​An essential factor to drive high patient engagement rates is to assure the entire care team understands and knows how to interact effectively with patients via the app. To make this as smooth of an experience as possible, we have created a successfully proven on-boarding process that involves setting up the app for each care team member in a way that will work best for each of them.

​Lastly, to assure your success, we assign a dedicated customer success manager who will make sure the app is set up correctly to work with your internal workflows, as well as helping you with any questions, ideas and achieving your goals.

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