How to choose the best Patient Self-Scheduling Platform for your healthcare organization

The goal of a Patient Self-Scheduling platform is to provide patients the kind of experience they expect with the tools for engaging with their providers regardless of the time of day, expanding patient access and self-services while keeping provider’s schedules full.

When choosing a Patient Self-Scheduling platform, it is essential to look for a platform that will allow your patients to schedule their appointment(s) online from your website or their smart device in real-time, without staff interaction.

Your next Patient Self-scheduling platform should be convenient, easy to use, and needs to have proven workflows to save time for your patients and your staff.

Essential features a Patient Self-Scheduling platform must have to help you maximize efficiency and ROI: 

  • Provide 24/7 scheduling when most suitable for patients
  • Provide intuitive schedule workflow for telehealth, in-person visits
  • It should integrate with your EHR
  • Patient’s appointments should flow directly into their chart.
  • It should provide schedule flexibility: appointment type, by the provider, by hours, by location, etc.
  • It should provide an insurance-based filter based on billing needs
  • Must eliminate complicated barriers to patient access
  • Must be Mobile friendly
  • It should have a proven record of reducing call volume
  • Should be seamless integration and not require any downloads or require the user to be tech-savvy

A comprehensive Self-Scheduling platform will allow patients to see their providers’ availability in real-time and schedule appointments, on-demand, from anywhere, for both new and existing patients.

Here are seven best practices for patient scheduling:

  1. Aligns with the new digital care reality
  2. Meets patient’s expectations
  3. Optimizes office operations
  4. Reduces no-shows and fills last-minute cancellations
  5. Reduces barriers to care
  6. Improves patient satisfaction & retention
  7. Drives patient acquisition

Self-scheduling combined with an award-winning complete digital health platform will significantly impact your organization. Spend less time on the phone and provide patients with the modern-day access they want.

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