Want to learn what Remote Patient Monitoring can do for your bottom line?

Current reimbursement models are making remote patient monitoring more practical and profitable – and Qure4u’s Platform will help you take full advantage of this opportunity for you and your patients. Try our ROI Calculator to learn how much revenue RPM can generate for your organization.

Maximize Results and Revenue

Qure4u drives brand equity, in-office efficiency, and revenue while enhancing clinical insight and improving the patient experience.


Patient Adoption Rate

based on customer data


Reduction in No-Shows

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Reduction in Staff Hours

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Increased ROI

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One Digital Solution For The Entire Patient Journey!

Qure4u's complete virtual care platform offers patients and providers a fully integrated solution that supports the entire patient journey and optimizes care before, during, and after office visits. Our flagship solution, MyCarePlan, improves patient outcomes and communications while boosting in-office efficiencies, collections, cash flow, and revenues.

Our All-in-one Digital Platform offers:
Telehealth software running on tablet, smartphone, and computer image
Other features:
  • Secure messaging
  • Send files and images
  • Office directions w/ maps
  • Online scheduling
  • + 85 device integrations
  • 100% EMR integration
  • Automatic patient on-boarding
  • Plug-in for your website
  • Handouts & posters
  • Dedicated account manager
Enterprise features:
  • White-labeling of apps
  • Protocol management
  • Data registry for clinical trials
  • Compliance & Usage reporting
  • AI: Risk profiling & Research

The Patient Journey with Qure4u

Innovation + Services + You = Results
Before Visit
  • Digital Self Schedule
  • Upload Insurance & DL
  • Fill Medical History
  • Fill Allergies
  • Fill Medications
  • Get Reminders
  • Get Pre-Visit Tasks
  • E-sign Consent Forms
  • Pay Balance / Co-pay
During Visit
  • Self-check-in
  • Reduces Waiting Time
  • Eliminates Manual Check-in
  • Improves Patient Experience
  • Reduces Patient Data Gaps
At Home
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Post Procedure Tasks
  • Secure Messaging
  • Follow-Ups
  • Telehealth
  • Notifications
  • Health Tips

What our customers say:

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''If you are ready to take your patients' journey to the next level, we are here to help you succeed''

Dr. Monica Bolbjerg, Founder / CEO