We are Qure4u

With an unparalleled blend of skills and backgrounds, this group embodies the values that define who we are. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers exceed their expectations as we reinvent what’s possible.

Monica Bolbjerg MD

CEO and Co-Founder

Karen Flathers

Chief Operating Officer

Tara Whitesides

Vice President of Sales

Brian Castleberry

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Todd Henry

Vice President of Engineering

Kayme Oelberg

Director of Product

Jennifer Patko

Director of Customer Success

Ryan Dawson

Director of Marketing

Kate Bjoro

Manager, Customer Support and Center of Excellence

Suzie Hazelton

Manager, Customer Success Team

Megan Stewart

Director of Product Application

Thomas O'Grady

Account Executive

Emily Ratke

Account Executive

Wendy Scheetz

Customer Success Manager

Shawn Mills

Customer Success Manager

Bethany Williamson

Customer Success Manager

Courtney Maldonado

Customer Advocate Manager

Star Clark

Implementation Specialist

Bill Dunkin

Enterprise Project Manager

Davis Graham

Customer Support Guru

Lily Nickerson

Content Marketing Specialist

Chris Vaeches

Marketing Campaign Specialist