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Unified Women's Healthcare’s Medical Affiliates

All-in-one Patient App for Unified Medical Affiliates

A simple and straightforward yet truly innovative platform

Now, an innovative technology solution to streamline paperwork, more effectively engage your patients in their care and enhance the overall patient experience.

The All-in-one Patient App is a simple, straightforward—yet truly innovative—platform that combines a powerful communication tool with an all-in-one patient engagement app.

The All-in-one Patient App powered by Qure4U gives you smart tools to help manage your practice while seamlessly integrating with the athenahealth platform and enhancing the benefits of the Unified App.

Qure4u helps you deliver Smart Care

With Qure4u, you get an efficient, integrated solution for patient engagement, communication and more. It serves as a digital “front door” to help enhance the patient experience and reduce the time spent on paperwork.

Just some of its powerful features include:

  • Digital Check-in: Forms, Payments, Screeners
    – All done from home or virtually anywhere
  • Consent formsautomated or on-the-fly
  • Pregnancy care plan
  • Pre-procedure and post-procedure preparation
  • Monitoring of high-risk gestational patients
  • Telehealth
  • Secure messaging
  • Online scheduling

The All-in-one Patient App seamlessly integrates with athenahealth to enhance the Unified App with even more time-saving benefits, plus the added benefit of peace of mind for your patients.

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Optimize Patient Flow

Your Patient's check-in from home or virtually anywhere

Using their smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android)

Patients can check-in before coming to the office – using an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. It’s as easy as 1 2 3!

Patients will experience shorter wait times in the office because they can complete the required paperwork beforehand. Signing documents, completing all forms and even making payments – it’s done easily and efficiently right from the app!

The All-in-one Patient App also provides a significant benefit for you and your staff by significantly reducing time spent on manual data entry.

Enhanced Peace of Mind for You and Your Patients

High Risk Gestational Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring of high-risk patients

The All-in-one Patient App powered by Qure4u includes remote monitoring features for high-risk pregnancies.

This feature allows for the easy collection, review, and transfer of home-monitored vitals. Your patients can collect blood pressure or blood sugar data via Bluetooth-integrated devices or, if preferred, enter the information manually. It is then easily reviewed and transferred to the patient’s chart.

Smartphone and laptop image

It integrates with more than 85 Bluetooth-enabled devices that measure vitals while connecting with a smartphone.

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Improve Outcomes and Decrease Costs

Patient Flow

$800 - $1500

per provider per month

Patients check-in from home! They fill out all their forms, sign documents and pay copays from their phones.

When they show up at the office they are ready to go to the room and you eliminate waiting time for staff and doctors.

Eliminate Last-minute Cancelations

$2000 - $4000

per provider per month

Your patients will know how to prepare at home and you will know which patients are NOT ready for their procedure.

​This gives you time to either help the patient get ready or to reschedule.


$800 - $1500

per provider per month

With Qure4u your patients can report vitals in the app after their procedures and your care team can detect real-time, who needs attention.

This reduces post-procedure follow-up calls and visits significantly

Get Acess
to New

Value-based care, Telehealth, Remote patient monitoring, Clinical trials…

​These are just some of the few revenue streams you can tap in to with the Qure4u platform. Contact us and we can tell you more…

Preferred pricing for Unified-Affiliated Care Centers

Preferred Unified Pricing

For You and Your Care Center

Leverage your affiliation with Unified by taking advantage of reduced pricing on a new level of patient interaction and communication.

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Maximize Your Care Center's Efficiency

Why continue to spend so much time collecting patient data, making calls and entering results into the EMR?

With the All-in-one Patient App, you can effectively reduce manual input while automating the collection of patient-reported outcome data.

What’s more:

  • Your patients will receive a digital care plan with detailed information and guidelines.
  • High-risk gestational patients are monitored with integrated home monitoring devices. At-risk patients are flagged for easy follow up.
  • Your care team also can use integrated telehealth and messaging tools to communicate with the patient at home or virtually anywhere.

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"If you are ready to take your patients' journey to the next level, we are here to help you succeed."

Dr. Monica Bolbjerg, Qure4u, CEO and founder