Contactless check-in
from anywhere

Using their smartphones, tablets or desktops

With Qure4u, your patients do all their paperwork at home: Sign documents, fill out forms, pay copay, etc. using their smart devices or desktops.

​Everything is 100% integrated with your EHR – eliminating manual data entry so you can get rid of letters and papers, saving hours on data entry, and improving your patient’s experience.

In-Office Check-in Solutions

Reduce wait times = Reduce practice overhead

Patients can use their own
devices with Qure4u’s QuickLink™

QuickLink™ makes communal tablets a thing of the past.

With Qure4u, you can expect about 82% of your patients to check-in from home. For those that choose not to, we provide several in-office digital check-in options such as QuickLink™, the most robust “contactless” digital check-in solution – Powered by technology fully embedded into your EHR.

Safe + Smart Digital Check-in

  • Streamline check-in procedures
    Less stress on patients and almost zero disruption to staff.
  • Optimize workflows 
    Utilize schedule, view progress of the patient, and updated forms.
  • Cost savings to the organization
    Automation reduces no-shows and improves staff productivity.
  • Staff clicks only one button
    One-click to “arrive” the patient.

Patient Self-scheduling

by accessing a branded web page from your website or their mobile device
Patient Self-Scheduling Software

With Qure4u’s self-scheduling tool, your patients are able to see available time slots filter by specialty, insurance, and locations.

The scheduling tool is integrated in real-time with your schedule in your EHR, matching the patient charts, or creating a new one. Once the insurance information is provided, it will then automatically start the check-in process. Our self-scheduling tool will improve your patient and staff communications, medical records, and reduce the number of no-shows.

A Simple Yet Powerful Patient Engagement Platform


Enroll Patients in a care plan

Qure4u helps you optimize your Remote Care Plans for the most common and chronic conditions as well as giving you the ability to set up custom care plans for your patients.


Review data and Import to EMR

Data collected from patients will seamlessly and securely flow into your EHR where you can monitor, review, and report on the status of your patient-generated health data, at your convenience.


Increase Revenue

Reduces no-shows, cancellations, and get paid for after-hour calls. The impact? The average eVisit customer sees revenue increase by $26,426 per provider, annually.

Increased Savings

Patients Check-in From
Home or Curbside

Save 12-14 minutes per patient, less time in the waiting room, limited contact.

Reduce Physician and
Administration Burnout

Eliminate/reduce switching screens, shuffling PDF files with no ability to easily mine discrete data.

Eliminate Cancellations
and No Shows

Engage your patients in an intuitive way and reduce work – automates, leverage multiple communications methods.

Scalable Technology
to Optimize Flow

A comprehensive solution designed to meet your demands and grow with your organization.

An average total savings of $170,000 annually per provider!

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