Patient Payment Collection

Qure4u is healthcare’s #1 rated easy-to-use and fully integrated patient payment solution that maximizes collections while ensuring a positive patient experience.

Simple. Seamless. Secure. Collect payment(s)from the patient immediately with our contactless self-service payment collection option in one platform. Patients love our more secure and convenient way to self-arrive and make payments ahead of the appointment.

Boost Collections

  • Improve cash flow
  • Decrease collection fees
  • Reduce write-offs
  • Increase payment contract enrollment
  • Improve operational efficiency across all touchpoints

Spend Less Time Processing Payments

  • Reduce manual payment entry and human error
  • Payment information in real-time
  • Eliminate lost or missed charges

Flexible Communication

  • Secure email and text reminders
  • Popup notification in the patient portal
  • Payment notification to staff

Qure4u allows you to streamline the patient collections workflow with optimized communication and easy-to-use payment options to ensure you collect more, faster.