Digital Patient Experience

Reduce [and eliminate] patient frustration and improve your digital patient experience with the leading virtual care platform. Qure4u is fully integrated and embedded into your EHR technology.  Its consistent communication layer boosts the patient experience with features like digital check-in, self-scheduling, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, post-satisfaction survey, and more generous benefits.

Why have a fully interoperable Virtual Care Solution?

Patients today are more apprehensive about doing in-person visits; therefore, practices must quickly evolve and provide a sustainable long-term solution that will enable them to provide complete virtual care for their patients. 

Your patients will become more engaged with their health and have the opportunity to do the following seamlessly from their smart devices.

  • appointment scheduling
  • communicate with their providers
  • telehealth virtual visit
  • patient follow-up
  • post-satisfaction automated surveys
  • consistent communication

Unlike organizations using multiple platforms to provide the numerous phases of virtual care, organizations with complete virtual care platforms take advantage of the interoperability and full integration with their EHR technology see: 

  • improved health outcomes by increasing patient engagement
  • patient monitoring
  • clinician efficiencies/streamline workflow
  • balancing staffing
  • reduced physician burnout
  • increase revenues 

With an 87% patient adoption rate, Qure4u is the leading and most sophisticated telehealth virtual care system.  Qure4u will boost in-office efficiencies and revenues for your organization. To experience the superior platform and enhance your digital patient experience, call us at  (866) 842-2246 or visit our website.

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