Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Qure4U is a leading remote patient monitoring platform that helps drive brand equity and revenues by improving the patient experience. Our digital platform is a must-have for healthcare providers and physicians with a private practice as it reduces no-shows by 30%.

Advantages of a remote patient monitoring app

Our telehealth app connects you with your patients at the touch of a button. Your patients can digitally self-schedule their appointments in the app and avoid long waiting times. The app also sends reminders and pre-visit tasks to your patients, which helps reduce no-shows by 30%.

Our app also comes with options for patient payment collection, e-sign consent forms, and capabilities to upload insurance and DL. All of this can help you manage your patient information, payments, and other business operations easily and safely. Besides, it is one of the best-selling, most affordable, and user-friendly telehealth apps available in the market with advanced capabilities.

Features to look for in a telehealth app

When seeking for a telehealth app, it is important to look for three major elements: before visit features, during visit functionalities, and capabilities that allow for at-home care. Here are other essential qualities to look for in a telehealth app:

  • Make sure the app offers features like secure messaging, sending, receiving, uploading files and images, and options for online scheduling.
  • A telehealth app should allow multiple device integrations and should allow your patients to locate your office/clinic/healthcare center using the map features in the app.
  • Invest in an app that comes with 100% EMR integration, automatic patient onboarding features, a plug-in for your website.

Our telehealth app encompasses all of these capabilities and offers a variety of enterprise features like protocol management, compliance and usage reporting, and data registry for clinical trials. Clinicians and medical practitioners can now manage your care plans, health history forms, and pre and post-procedure management all with our telehealth app.

Is the telehealth app worth your investment?

Investing in a comprehensive telehealth app is crucial if you wish to fuel your business’ growth and improve revenues in the long-term. Our remote patient monitoring app reduces staff hours by 28%, which can help you reduce your operational costs. Our telehealth app offers five times more returns on investment and reduces the no-shows by almost 30%.

Also, your patients are going to have a higher appreciation for your services when they experience less waiting times during their visit to your clinic. Furthermore, telehealth apps are a low cost to implement and can provide you with a competitive advantage to attract and retain more patients. On the whole, a telehealth app is definitely worth your investment and can play an integral role in driving up your revenues.

Qure4U is a flagship application with remarkable and user-friendly features, allowing you to offer the finest quality treatment to your patients. To schedule a free demo of our remote patient monitoring platform, call us at (866) 844-8540 or visit our website.

Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

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