Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Qure4u is the leading  remote patient monitoring platform that transforms patient care completely.  Our fully integrated and interoperable digital health platform is embedded into your EHR technology.  It is a must-have for healthcare providers to reduce physician burnout and drive practice efficiency.

Advantages of remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring puts everyday wellness at the forefront of patient care.  It gives providers data of patients’ health in real-time, particularly crucial for managing chronic diseases while allowing the patient to be an active participant in their healthcare.  Providers that utilize RPM technology experience:

  • Seamless access to patient data
  • Improved/higher-quality care
  • Reduced readmissions/revisits
  • Lower risk of provider burnout
  • Lower overall costs + higher reimbursements

Our fully integrated platform connects you with your patients with a click of a button. Your patients can digitally self-schedule their appointments, digitally sign consent forms, update health information, receive consistent communication with their provider, and conveniently attend a virtual telehealth visit.

Why RPM is worth your investment

In addition to improving quality of care, remote patient monitoring increases providers’ capacity to treat more patients.  Investing in a comprehensive remote patient monitoring virtual platform is crucial if you wish to fuel your business’ growth, improve revenues, and enhance patient engagement. Our remote patient monitoring platform drives better practice efficiencies, which can help you reduce your operational costs.

Also, your patients will have a higher appreciation for your services when they experience a continuous, instantaneous connection to your practice.  Furthermore, RPM and telehealth capabilities are low cost to implement and will provide you with a competitive advantage to attract and retain more patients. On the whole, patients love RPM, receive better care, and providers benefit greatly.

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of remote patient monitoring and our provider-centric platform’s many other advantages. To schedule a free demo of our remote patient monitoring platform, call us at (866) 844-8540 or visit our website.

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