Telehealth Platform

Qure4U is a virtual care platform that acts as a fully integrated solution between patients and healthcare providers. Our unique and multi-functional telehealth platform optimizes patient care before, during, and after patients visit the doctors' office.

Top reasons to buy a patient care app

Our virtual care app acts as a one-stop solution for healthcare providers to identify, address, and treat all their patients' needs. Our platform also allows for secure messaging and supports sending files, images, and other medical reports. Patients can use the app to locate your clinic/hospital and easily schedule an appointment online.

Our 100% EMR integration and automatic patient onboarding features make our health care platforms some of the most purchased in the country. With the before the visit, during the visit, and after visit features in our app, you can now manage your patient records a lot easier and provide them with superior quality medical care.

Tips to keep your practice running during COVID-19 lockdown

The pandemic has severely disrupted the lives of everyone across the planet, making it extremely hard for a common man to fulfill his healthcare needs. This has made it challenging for private clinics, healthcare centers, and clinicians across the country to keep their business running. These are some key tips to help you keep your practice running during the pandemic:

  • Employ minimal staff at your clinic/healthcare and modify the layout and seating arrangements to comply with the social distancing guidelines.
  • Invest in the best quality PPE for the clinical and non-clinical staff at your facility.
  • Put in place an enhanced cleaning protocol to keep your facility 100% safe from the novel coronavirus.
  • Avoid walk-ins and make it mandatory for patients to schedule appointments before they visit the clinic/healthcare except for emergencies.
  • Invest in a telehealth app or platform that is easy to use by your patients and staff. This way, your patients can receive the highest-quality treatment in the convenience of their homes.

Our telehealth platform is one of the best-selling virtual healthcare apps in the country with a whole array of advanced and convenient features. Our healthcare app is one of the most affordable high-end platforms available for small and medium-sized clinics, hospitals, and health care practitioners across America.

Who can benefit from our telehealth app?

Our telehealth app enables clinicians to extend their services beyond the brick and mortar facility and allows them to provide their patients with the highest quality medical care. Our app can benefit physicians, private practitioners, healthcare centers, clinics, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, and multi-specialty hospitals.

With our app, you can improve patient engagement using remote monitoring features. Our telehealth app can help you address the needs of patients living in the outskirts of the city, which can improve your reputation and yield higher revenues.

The pandemic has made it extremely challenging for patients to seek treatment for their health. With Qure4U, healthcare providers can offer the highest quality care and timely treatment to patients in the convenience of their homes. Schedule a free demo today at (866) 844-8540 or visit our website for more details on our Telehealth Platform.

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