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and your practice revenues

CMS has released the final rule for the 2020 Physician’s Fee Schedule, giving hospitals and health systems more incentives to implement Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), paving the way for new telehealth programs.

Our robust platform will help you optimize your clinical time for patient outcomes and increase revenues from Medicare and Medicare Advantage CPT Codes, combined with Chronic Care Management (CCM), Transitional Care Management (TCM), or Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) your practice can leverage.

Contact us today for a strategic conversation and learn more about CMS reimbursement and how much revenue CCM and RPM can generate for your practice.

Curious about your revenue potential?

With Medicare and Medicare Advantage reimbursed by both Aetna and United Healthcare, there is tremendous opportunity to expand revenues between visits. Take a few seconds to start your own RPM practice assessment and get a free ROI analysis

About The RPM Calculator:
Qure4u’s RPM calculator was built by our nation’s leading healthcare, public policy, and regulatory experts. These calculations are meant to be real-world estimates for the average care provider in specific specialties. The Qure4u team was careful not to over-estimate or over-promise financial opportunities like many RPM vendors are doing in the market today.

We also employ the philosophy to partner with each physician practice, hospital, and health system and offer expert guidance as well as industry best practices to achieve your care strategy goals while optimizing every financial incentive available.

Ready to learn more?

  • 1,550, the average number of patients per provider [1] but the field is editable.
  • % of Medicare patients by specialty. [2]
  • Medicare patients with >1 chronic medical condition(s) [3]
  • CPT 99454 – Equipment and Monitoring – Medicare national non-facility average $62.44
  • CPT 99457 – RPM Management – Medicare national non-facility average $51.61

Qure4u has not included the following additional financial incentives either because they are not recurring or because our team will need to further discuss your specific geographic location, payer mix and/ or other variables:

  • CPT 99454 – One-time RPM set-up fee of $20
  • Value-based care and contracting incentives
  • Chronic care management (CCM) incentives
  • Private payer-based RPM incentives
  • Medicaid incentives
    1. A Primary Care Panel Size of 2,500 Is neither Accurate nor Reasonable; Melanie Raffoul, MD, Miranda Moore, PhD., Doug Kamerow, MD, MPH, and Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH. AMA 2016 Physician Practice Benchmark Survey.
    2. Physicians’ Patient Mix – A Snapshot from the 2016 Benchmark Survey and Changes Associated with the ACA: Kurt D. Gillis, PhD
    3. Multiple Chronic Conditions Among Medicare Beneficiaries: State-level Variations in Prevalence, Utilization, and Cost, 2011. Kimberly A. Lochner, Richard A. Goodman, Samuel Posner, Anand Parekh. Medicare & Medicaid Research Review 2013: Volume 3, Number 3