Don’t Drop the Ball: Run with Contactless Check-in!

The future of healthcare is very bright, certainly for those practices that can successfully navigate the FIELD with a seamless link!  Make the FIRST DOWN with your patients by offering contactless check-in & virtual care.

In today’s healthcare economy there is a unique opportunity for organizations willing to make the necessary CATCHES to support virtual care. Separate your organization from the others and breakthrough any barriers with us by your side.

Top 4 things to consider when choosing a virtual care platform:

  1. Full integration with your EHR
  2. Complete virtual care platform:
    1. Self-scheduling & contactless check-in
    2. DriveUp™ virtual waiting room
    3. Telehealth [view call & document notes on one screen]
    4. Contactless payment collections
    5. Remote patient monitoring + device integration
  3. The solution must be a single platform and easy to use for you and your patients
  4. The platform covers the entire patient’s journey, NOT just parts of it

Don’t be LATE to the contactless check-in GAME or SACKED by the opponent.  I assure you, it will be worth your ATTEMPT.

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