Patient insight
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Patient Surveys

Capture meaningful patient information with Qure4u’s advanced reputation management functionalities. These user-friendly surveys are completely customizable and give you the power to learn how your patients truly feel about your organization. What you do with that information is up to you.


Automated surveys.

After the patient’s visit they are immediately prompted via SMS text to rate your organization on how likely they are to recommend your practice to their family and friends.

The patient will rate on a 5-star scale, that translates to an NPS standard to determine detractors, passives and promoters. This patient’s rating is reported anonymously and they aren’t required to login or validate their identity.


Data feeds the plan.

Take charge of your reputation. Satisfaction analytics help drive your strategy around patient engagement. Drill down the data by reviewing the ratings by department and/or provider. This will help the organization to determine which areas there may be room for opportunities and other areas that may be used as examples of great service.

As it turns out, people tend to be more honest when filling out a form anonymously (rather than in person, to your face).

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Our Patient Surveys solution pairs perfectly with Scheduling and Wait Times to make it easier for patients to get what they need.