Operationalize Testing
and Vaccine Administration

Ready to deploy solutions for COVID Testing and Vaccinations

Our comprehensive vaccine and immunization operations solution can help your vaccine administration efforts by:

    • Enable a safe and as easy way for patients to access care
    • Stream your patient scheduling and the arrival process
    • Empower patients to pre-register digitally from anywhere
    • Provide registry reporting
    • Enable dose reminders and patient-reported side effects
    • Equip you to host vaccination clinics with special hours

Optimizing documentation with Qure4u’s flexible solution helps you avoid:

  • Unauthorized vaccine appointments
  • Reduce vaccine hesitancy or drop-outs
  • Low immunization coverage

Set Patient Reminder/Recall Activities: cost-effective ways to notify patients that they are due for vaccinations. These are extremely important for high-risk patients.

  1. Email messages
  2. Text messages
  3. EHR patient portal prompt
  4. EHR provider pop-up alert

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