Optimize Patient Flow - Improve Outcome - Decrease Costs

Patient Flow

$800 - $1500

per provider per month

Patients check-in from home! They fill out all their forms, sign documents and pay copays from their phones.

When they show up at the office they are ready to go to the room and you eliminate waiting time for staff and doctors.

Eliminate Last-minute Cancelations

$2000 - $4000

per provider per month

Your patients will know how to prepare at home and you will know which patients are NOT ready for their procedure.

​This gives you time to either help the patient get ready or to reschedule.


$800 - $1500

per provider per month

With Qure4u your patients can report vitals in the app after their procedures and your care team can detect real-time, who needs attention.

This reduces post-procedure follow-up calls and visits significantly

Get Access
to New

Value-based care, Telehealth, Remote patient monitoring, Clinical trials…

​These are just some of the few revenue streams you can tap in to with the Qure4u platform. Contact us and we can tell you more…

Income by
20% - 30%

Get Better Contracts
+ More Referrals

Collecting Patient-Reported Outcome data is an integrated part of the Qure4u platform and will allow you to document the quality of your care to payers and referring organizations.