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Due to the emerging COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we are seeing increased demand from new and existing customers who want to activate Telehealth services to be prepared to care for their patients remotely.

If you’re interested, our team is ready to help you! It is actually very quick and easy to get started.

Maximize Results and Revenue

Qure4u drives brand equity, in-office efficiency, and revenue while enhancing clinical insight and improving the patient experience.


Patient Adoption Rate

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Reduction in No-Shows

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Reduction in Staff Hours

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Increased ROI

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One Digital Solution For The Entire Patient Journey!

Qure4u's complete virtual care platform offers patients and providers a fully integrated solution that supports the entire patient journey and optimizes care before, during, and after office visits. Our flagship solution, MyCarePlan, improves patient outcomes and communications while boosting in-office efficiencies, collections, cash flow, and revenues.

Our All-in-one Digital Platform offers:
Telehealth software running on tablet, smartphone, and computer image
Other features:
  • Secure messaging
  • Send files and images
  • Office directions w/ maps
  • Online scheduling
  • + 85 device integrations
  • 100% EMR integration
  • Automatic patient on-boarding
  • Plug-in for your website
  • Handouts & posters
  • Dedicated account manager
Enterprise features:
  • White-labeling of apps
  • Protocol management
  • Data registry for clinical trials
  • Compliance & Usage reporting
  • AI: Risk profiling & Research

The Patient Journey with Qure4u

Innovation + Services + You = Results
Before Visit
  • Digital Self Schedule
  • Upload Insurance & DL
  • Fill Medical History
  • Fill Allergies
  • Fill Medications
  • Get Reminders
  • Get Pre-Visit Tasks
  • E-sign Consent Forms
  • Pay Balance / Co-pay
During Visit
  • Self-check-in
  • Reduces Waiting Time
  • Eliminates Manual Check-in
  • Improves Patient Experience
  • Reduces Patient Data Gaps
At Home
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Post Procedure Tasks
  • Secure Messaging
  • Follow-Ups
  • Telehealth
  • Notifications
  • Health Tips

What our customers say:

CHAS Health logo image

Our Qure4u support experience, from our practice manager to their support team, has been phenomenal. They have always been willing to expedite our integration requests and get them completed in a timely manner. They helped us ensure our efforts to focus on Telehealth services to provide excellent care for our patients during these troubling times. Their customer service skills are very admirable, and we appreciate their team’s willingness always to be willing to help both providers and patients.

Dmitriy Tsolkan

South Peninsula Hospital logo image

The Qure4u team has done a great job supporting us and facilitating our deployment of their highly effective and well-designed app. Qure4u is very well-suited to my practice in Alaska, where a telemedicine app that can adapt on the fly to the limits of mobile phone plans and internet bandwidth, along with severe geographic remoteness, all at once, is a must. Qure4u’s built-in integration with athena is a game-changer and a big part of why we chose Qure4u. Seaworthy Functional Medicine’s clinical growth plan is very ambitious, and we are pushing our tech hard to perform. The Qure4u team is patient, professional, thoughtful, and prompt, especially when we hit significant challenges. They have more than earned my highest recommendation and my gratitude.

Dr. Robert Downey

Premier Family Physicians logo image

We have used Qure4u for 7 months now. We are happy to say they have delivered on all the promises made during the vetting process. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were able to roll out Telehealth through Qure4u in 3 days, with no additional cost. The added functionality of Qure4u has enhanced our business in many ways. It has streamlined our check-in process and made manual data entry obsolete. We were able to incorporate electronic health screeners that integrate seamlessly into the patient chart. Patients have been impressed by the ease of self-check-in, appointment self-booking, and ability to engage with our providers and staff on a video visit through the app. Qure4u has been a lifesaver and at a fraction of the cost of their competitors! Thank you, team, for being such amazing partners!!

Rebecca King, VP of Operations

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Dr. Monica Bolbjerg, Founder / CEO