Telehealth Platform


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Convenience is a pillar of digital health, and our Telehealth platform is a shining example of how you can meet your patients where they are. Providing a digital access point for your patients to connect with your team makes their healthcare more accessible and ultimately more meaningful.

With our app-less and account-less experience, patients can easily connect with providers using their web or mobile browser, while your providers can join the Telehealth visit from their mobile devices. Convert phone or office appointment types to Telehealth on-demand, enabling you to provide virtual consultations and post-operative care, and save in-office visits for more critical situations.


Enjoy more revenue.

Telehealth Platform

Investing in a Telehealth platform affects your bottom line, as well. You’ll experience increased revenue by offering a sought-after service that patients prefer (and then they’ll recommend your practice to their family and friends). You can also convert office visits to Telehealth visits whenever there’s nasty weather, saving you the cancelled appointment.


Thoughtful design.

Telehealth Platform

We know the challenges you face, so we’re constantly enhancing our Telehealth platform. You can control who sees the Telehealth waiting room by enabling the permission by clinic user. We offer tech support to your patients (how cool is that?). And integration is a priority, so your Qure4u Telehealth integrates seamlessly with your EHR schedule and our Digital Check-In.


Chat and Dialer
enhance the call.

Communicating via Chat during a Telehealth visit can be a major advantage. If your patient needs to send you results or if translation is needed, the chat feature helps you troubleshoot and get more done.

The Telehealth Dialer lets you connect with a caregiver, suicide hotline, or a translator during a Telehealth visit with the patient’s permission. Easily communicate important health information or instructions for upcoming procedures, provide patients with the right resources and support for concerning symptoms, and assist patients who may need translation services through our Telehealth platform.

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Telehealth Platform

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Telehealth Platform

Our solution pairs perfectly with Secure Texting, Remote Patient Monitoring, Newsfeed, and Care Plans to deliver the results your organization needs. See the reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.