Patient Retention Solutions

Thrive in a competitive market.

It's time to gain
the upper hand.

Unless you’re the only show in town, there’s always a chance patients will choose a competitor over you. So control what you can control, and use these patient retention solutions to position your organization as the best choice.

Self-Scheduling, Digital Check-In, Surveys, and Telehealth help your clinic provide a better patient experience, save time and resources, and improve operations, all of which can help you rise above the rest in a crowded healthcare market.

Patient Retention Solutions


The simplicity
patients want.

Patient Retention Solutions

In today’s world, convenience is key, and that also applies to healthcare. New business is won with easy access, patients don’t want to call. They want to pick their provider, choose a time that fits their schedule – and they want to do it on their phone, when they have time.

You need to provide easy access to self-scheduling that’s seamless on mobile and doesn’t require a profile or login, because your new business will most often be browsing after hours or during the weekend and they will pick the doctor they can find there.

Bonus: Save valuable time for every call your staff doesn’t need to answer. Satisfaction for everyone!


Meet patients
where they are.

Patient Retention Solutions

With Qure4u, your patients can do all their paperwork at home, at the park, at the coffee shop, anywhere they want. They can sign documents, fill out forms, pay co-pay, and more, using their phones, tablets, or computers. For those who aren’t ready for that much freedom and untethered convenience, we provide in-office digital check-in options so they can to do their tasks at your office.

Giving your patients this freedom will make them happier and more loyal. See our reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.

"Convenience is the key to keeping patients healthier and happier."

Patient Retention Solutions

With Qure4u’s online paperwork and check-in features, you can improve the overall experience and save patients time and hassle. By knowing wait times in advance, patients can squeeze in some errands or simply wait in the comfort of their own home. It’s all about making healthcare more accessible and user-friendly for patients.


Use feedback
to make changes.

Patient Retention Solutions

Like a secret weapon for reputation management in a crowed market, these  customizable surveys give you a chance to fix things before your patients go rogue on social media and start writing nasty Yelp reviews. With surveys, you can get ahead of the game and make sure your patients are happy and satisfied.

Automated surveys: HIPAA-compliant satisfaction surveys are sent to the patient via text and email as soon as the appointment is checked out.

Reputation management: Satisfaction analytics help drive the organization’s strategy around patient engagement. Drill down the data by reviewing the ratings by department and/or provider. 

Competitive differentiation.

Patient Retention Solutions

The healthcare market is bustling with options, so it’s important to offer convenient and efficient services to stand out from the competition. Qure4u’s features can help you differentiate yourself and attract more patients, while also retaining your existing patient base. See how it can help you elevate your patient experience.

Better patient
data management.

Patient Retention Solutions

Qure4u’s advanced reporting functionalities, clinics can take patient data management to the next level. You’ll be able to collect detailed patient feedback and track satisfaction levels, which will help you understand how your operations are performing and identify areas for improvement.


Expand the reach
of your providers.

Patient Retention Solutions

Accessibility is key in this market. Our app-less and account-less experience means patients can easily connect with you using just their web or mobile browser, making healthcare more accessible than ever before.

With providers able to join Telehealth visits from their mobile devices, you can connect with patients from anywhere, at any time.With greater accessibility, your patients, regardless of their background, income level, or location, have equal access to quality medical care. This means patients should be able to access the care they need when they need it, without facing unnecessary barriers.

Patient Retention Solutions

Seamless EHR integration