Booking Booster

Automatically fill schedules.

Keep patients happy, schedules full, and business thriving by automating waitlist management.

Fill canceled or rescheduled appointments the moment they open up by automatically offering slots to patients on the waitlist. This proactive approach optimizes revenue and helps ensure consistent patient flow. 

Care Plans and Patient Reported Outcomes

Boost your practice

Fill Schedules

Maximize your schedule efficiency by enabling patients seeking earlier appointments to conveniently join the waitlist.

Increased Collections

Minimize revenue loss stemming from open slots due to cancellations.

Patient Satisfaction

Put your patient's health back in their hands. Provide patients with the opportunity for earlier appointments with their provider.

Staff Efficiency

Automatically match patients with the appropriate appointment openings without the need for staff involvement.

We've got everyone covered

Your staff's new BFF

Seamlessly match and schedule patients without burdening your staff with time-consuming manual waitlist management.

That’s right:  Booking Booster scrubs your schedule for openings and finds patients that best fit the slot criteria (e.g., same visit type and provider), ensuring that only the most appropriate individuals are notified about open slots.

Patients will thank you

Patients can effortlessly manage their appointments, checking off their to-do list with the flexibility to see you at their earliest convenience. This patient-centric approach not only enhances their satisfaction but keeps you ahead in a crowded market.


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Our Self-Scheduling solution pairs perfectly with Wait Times, Patient Surveys, Booking Booster and more to make it easier for patients to get what they need!