Healthcare Automation Solutions

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Healthcare Automation Solutions

Getting home in time for dinner sounds pretty nice. And it sounds even nicer when you can see more patients in the same amount of time you’re spending now during your workday by utilizing our healthcare automation solutions.

When you automate a big chunk of your day-to-day tasks, you find freedom to get more things done, and you have more time to provide the meaningful care your community deserves. That’s what our Automation solutions are all about.


Reduce all that nonstop ringing.

Healthcare Automation Solutions

Imagine eliminating all patient calls about schedule requests, medical records, billing, registration, school care, and more. And then, in their place, you have AI-based worklists so your staff can handle those requests with just a few simple clicks.

Using Chatbot with AI, your phones stop ringing non-stop, your staff has extra time to process requests and answer questions, and nothing is lost in lists or notes because everything is organized and accounted for. Your patients will embrace it, your staff will love it, and your leadership will support it.


The benefits seem to go on forever.

Healthcare Automation Solutions

Flows have a seemingly endless list of uses, including being applied internally if a patient calls in, helping to organize internal tasks.

Also, if your physicians are doing hospital rounds, you’re going to love the Hospital Rounding Flow. This feature allows physicians to capture patient info from their phone and send it directly to billing – imagine converting the face sheet papers in your physicians’ pockets to billing events instead … now you can!


These were built with you in mind.

Healthcare Automation Solutions

We make it easier to manage internal processes and streamline workflows. We also make it a breeze to simplify medical records requests, prescription refill requests, and communication between ambulatory and hospital systems.

By using Worklists, you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient process that allows a staff member to quickly review and work the request. You can set up custom fields to gather essential info, such as dates of service for records requests, prescription names for refill requests, and hospital visit information to support billing claims. All seamlessly integrated in your EHR and documented in the patient’s chart.


HIPAA-compliant texting simplicity.

Healthcare Automation Solutions

HIPAA-compliant, bi-directional, provider-to-patient conversations have never been easier. Qure4u’s Secure Texting can be initiated by either party, and patients don’t have to remember a login, a password, or download an app … ever.

Providers have been asking for this game-changing functionality and innovation that integrates seamlessly with the leading EHRs … and now it’s here. See our reviews in the athenahealth Marketplace.

Seamless EHR integration

Healthcare Automation Solutions

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