Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists

Chatbot and Worklists

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Imagine eliminating all calls about patient requests and questions about medical records, billing, registration, school care, and more. And in their place, you have customized healthcare chatbot and worklists to make it easier for your staff to handle all those requests with just a few simple clicks.

Using Chatbot gives your staff extra time to process requests and answer questions, and nothing would be lost in lists or notes because everything is organized and accounted for. Your patients will embrace it, your staff will love it, and your leadership will support it.

Chatbot is a major time-saver for your team and helps you manage staff shortages and boost patient satisfaction.


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Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists

Your organization is unique, so you deserve functionality that aligns with the diverse needs of your community. Qure4u’s customization allows you to create a more comfortable experience for your patients.

Custom branding: The Chatbot matches your branding, and you get to decide what to include: records request, patient registration, and more.

Custom button labels: Whether you want messages, records requests, or more, this feature is a difference-maker.

Custom fields: These can include dates for medical records, prescription name for a refill request, or requesting an appointment.

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Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists


Chatbot guidance.

Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Monica, shares her industry-leading perspective on how your organization can harness Qure4u’s Chatbot to improve your office efficiency.


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Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists

Requests, questions, and staff responses are all logged for administrators to review – with advanced analytics on top of it – helping you get insights into how to best position your workflows and improve efficiencies.


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Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists

Flows are smart forms that use AI to intelligently capture and organize the information needed for each request type. This ensures nothing is missing before being submitted, helping your staff avoid back-and-forth conversations with patients.

For worklists, picture a world where everything is logged and nothing is lost or forgotten. All tasks are automatically mapped to the patient’s chart, and new patients are registered with a click of a button. Captured data flows into the patient chart field-to-field, and patients are automatically notified when tasks are in-process and done.

Make it simple: Captured data flows into the patient chart field-to-field, and patients are automatically notified when tasks are in-process and done.

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Healthcare Chatbot and Worklists

Our healthcare chatbot and worklists solution pair perfectly with Hospital Rounding and Worklists to give your organization more time to get more done. See the reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.