Improve Patient Experience

Improve access.

Happier patients
are a game-changer.

Your patients want simple, convenient digital interactions with their providers. And you want more time to get everything done. We make that happen by helping you improve patient experience.

Improving access with Self-Scheduling, Wait Times, and Surveys eliminates a big chunk of tedious phone calls. You’ll also benefit from a bump in patient acquisition because these tools allow you to expand your patient base … 30% of self-scheduled appointments are from new patients.


Better health starts here.

Improve Patient Experience

When patients can self-schedule with their providers, your staff has fewer calls to answer. Plus, patients love it and you’ll save valuable time for every call that you don’t have to answer.

Qure4u’s self-scheduling is highly configurable to your specific scheduling rules. It seamlessly integrates with your EHR schedule, and takes into consideration your scheduling templates but allows you to add configurations so you can create rules for appointments, providers, and departments. Plus, patients can use the device they prefer, and they don’t need to log in.


Improve Patient Experience

When that many of your patients use Self-Scheduling to book their appointments from home or wherever they are, you can easily manage staff shortages. And that number will go up.

Self-Scheduling reduces staff shortages.

Improve Patient Experience


Convenience meets efficiency.

Improve Patient Experience

If you have walk-in clinics, you can show expected wait times on your website, which helps direct patients to the clinic with minimal wait time. The widget adjusts wait times based on how many patients have arrived, and it intelligently adjusts if your staff is falling behind.

Geo-Location: Give your patients the ability to view all of your locations at once, in order of nearest to farthest, and select the one that works best for them. You can also show survey results and average wait times, so they can make an informed decision about which location is most suitable. This is key to boosting satisfaction and patient loyalty. See our reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.


Use the power of patient insights.

Improve Patient Experience

Capture meaningful patient information with Qure4u’s reputation management feature. These user-friendly surveys are customizable and give you the power to learn if your patients aren’t satisfied with your organization … and then where to make improvements.

Automated surveys: HIPAA-compliant patient satisfaction surveys are sent to the patient via SMS text and email as soon as the appointment is checked out.

Satisfaction analytics: This helps drive the organization’s strategy around patient engagement. Drill down the data by reviewing the ratings by department, provider, etc. 


Automation for navigation.

Improve Patient Experience

From the waiting room to discharge, automate patient management to ensure a hassle-free experience for every patient and staff member.  

Patient Navigator streamlines patient flow while keeping everyone in the loop with automated text alerts and a digital lobby display, freeing you and your team to focus on the touchpoints that matter most.

Seamless EHR integration

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