Patient Navigator and Patient Tracker

Automation for navigation.

Patient Navigator keeps patients informed with digital lobby displays and text notifications, eliminating confusion and saving staff time.

Patient Tracker gives your team full visibility from arrival to departure, letting staff focus on the touch points that matter most. 

Patient Tracker

Keep staff in control

Efficiently tracking patients’ journeys during visits doesn’t need to be resource-intensive. With Patient Tracker, you gain real-time location tracking, team assignments, and time analytics. The results? Improving staff and patient experiences, while facilitating better decision-making for practice leadership. Its a win-win.

Patient Navigator

Keep patients informed

Send automated text alerts for real-time status updates, guaranteeing transparency. The digital lobby display acts as a virtual guide, showing patients their position in the queue and any relevant updates.

Increase your revenue.

Elevate your financial success with features designed to maximize staff efficiency, alleviate bottlenecks, and streamline the patient journey.

Bottom [lines] up! Curious about how much time and money you can save by going digital? Take our ROI4U assessment to find out.

A personalized experience.

Patient Navigator and Patient Tracker

Departments can tailor Patient Navigator to suit their needs. Authorized users are able to customize and manage specific clinic teams and locations. 

We like your style! Ensure a consistent patient experience by adding your company name, logo, and brand colors to the patient sign-in page and digital queue displayed in your lobby or waiting room.

Patient Navigator & Patient Tracker

Drill down on data.

Patient Navigator and Patient Tracker deliver vital insights for better decision-making. 

First, we tackle the issue of prolonged wait times.  Are your patients spending too much time in one place? Identify bottlenecks ensuring a smoother, faster experience.

Next, let’s address team performance disparities. Dr. Brown’s team averages 45 minutes per patient, while Dr. Golden’s team completes the same tasks in just 15 minutes. By analyzing these differences, we can implement strategies to elevate Dr. Brown’s team to the same level of efficiency, maximizing productivity and patient satisfaction.

Finally, optimize the checkout process.  Shorter wait times and faster throughput enable your patients to get to check out quicker than ever. Keep the momentum going by resolving inefficiencies in their  final step.  

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Patient Navigator works perfectly with Wait Times, Patient Surveys, Self-Scheduling, and more to make it easier for patients to get what they need!