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Use our patient engagement platform to empower high-quality care by bringing patients, caregivers, and providers together in an intuitive virtual environment. And then start celebrating the results you’ve been waiting for.


texting simplicity.

Patient Engagement Platform

HIPAA-compliant, bi-directional, provider-to-patient conversations have never been easier. Qure4u’s Messaging is secure and easy, and patients don’t have to remember a login, a password, or download an app … ever.

Providers have been asking for this game-changing functionality and innovation that integrates seamlessly with the leading EHRs … and now it’s here.


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Patient Engagement Platform

Provide another access point for your patients to connect with you, making healthcare more accessible and convenient. Integration with your EHR makes scheduling easy for staff and patients, and you can convert phone or office appointments to Telehealth on-demand, letting you provide virtual consultations and post-operative care, saving in-office visits for more critical situations.

Telehealth Dialer, Screen Sharing, Chat, and more is included, and our advanced timezone logic allows your providers to work in multiple timezones at the same time – regardless of how your EHR is set up.

"We love every person at Qure4u, and they make sure that we always feel heard."

Patient Engagement Platform

Every one of our customers is unique, so it’s a priority for us to create solutions that align with your individual needs. To make that happen, we listen and we communicate. That’s how we build partnerships that last.

Patient Engagement Platform


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Real-time data.

Patient Engagement Platform

Flexible RPM option allow you to serve a wider population of patients and make better clinical decisions based on comprehensive, real-time patient data.

You can review and act on alerts — automatically generated based on your parameters. Intervene earlier with telehealth or in-person care to ensure better outcomes. And take advantage of custom care plans or templates for diabetes, asthma, and more. See our reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.


Curate content
to stay connected.

Patient Engagement Platform

Stay informed, engaged, and connected like never before. Easily send videos, photos, links, and texts to keep your staff and patients updated.

Newsfeed makes it easy to share embedded content and send internal communications by role type, whether it’s announcing important news to specific staff roles or sending notifications to your patient base. Communicate important information such as flu clinics, daily clock-ins, weather and holiday closures to keep patients informed and prepared.

Thumbs-up! Track likes and views (similar to your social media posts) to measure reach and impact from patients and/or staff members


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Patient Engagement Platform

Ensure your patients receive the highest level of care. Create personalized care plans with custom tasks and reminders, all accessible through our mobile app or web browser. Automated tasks are sent based on appointments to enhance patient compliance and minimize cancellations and rescheduled procedures.

With our vital reporting feature, monitoring patient vitals becomes effortless, identifying potential issues and infections before they escalate. By tailoring care plans to each provider, patients can receive individualized attention, leading to optimal recovery and fewer hospital readmissions.

A "great platform."

Patient Engagement Platform

Seamless EHR integration

Patient Engagement Platform

Athena, Cerner, Epic