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Digital Check-In

When patients win, everyone wins.

With an industry-leading blend of form and function, our digital check-in solution offers the convenience and flexibility your patients expect. It’s also incredibly easy to use, which makes the patient experience of doing paperwork from home an absolute breeze.

Using their phone, tablet, or computer, patients can sign documents, fill out forms, pay their co-pay, and much more. We even offer a digital medical checkin option for patients who prefer to complete their paperwork at your office. Either way, it’s a win-win.


100% integration, and so much more.

Digital Check-In

For starters, everything in this solution integrates 100% with your EHR — eliminating data entry by hand, so you can get rid of extra paperwork, data entry, and sore wrists while putting valuable hours back in your day.

Our solution is also customizable by provider, age, gender, frequency, and appointment type.

Boost collections.

Digital Check-In

Collect payments and co-pays and get paid immediately. Patients love the convenience of making payments ahead of the appointment using medical checkin software.

Insurance and ID cards.

Digital Check-In

No more repeatedly asking patients for insurance info and IDs once they upload them into the medical checkin system. This boosts patient satisfaction.

Check-In-Pre Logic

Digital Check-In

Qure4u’s award-winning Check-In-Pre Logic system uses color-coding (green, yellow, red) to indicate whether a patient has completed all their assigned tasks. Staff can easily view what tasks a patient has been assigned and what is still outstanding, streamlining the medical checkin process and reducing wait times. With just one click, staff can determine which patients are ready and which ones require further attention.

By automating the check-in process, Qure4u’s software saves valuable time for both staff and patients, making arrival and check-in management a matter of seconds.


That’s the average patient adoption rate we’re seeing across the board for every age bracket and that number continues to climb as more and more people expect these digital healthcare medical checkin conveniences.

DriveUp, wait in comfort.

Our innovative DriveUp medical checkin system allows patients to complete the process from the comfort of their own home or car. This means they no longer have to rush or wait in the waiting room, reducing their stress levels and improving their overall experience.

Fewer clicks, more smiles.

By only asking patients to complete the necessary tasks for their appointment, we minimize the number of clicks and reduce the time it takes to finish check-in by utilizing our medical checkin software. This means your patients can spend less time waiting and more time receiving the personalized care they need.

Safety first.

We take safety seriously, which is why we offer the option for patients to use their own devices for medical checkin. This eliminates the need for shared tablets, promoting a more hygienic and comfortable experience for both patients and staff.

A personalized experience.

Personalize each patient’s journey based on factors such as age, gender, appointment type, and task frequency logic. This ensures a more efficient and effective medical checkin process.

Optimize patient flow with Digital Check-In

Digital Check-In

Streamlined intake makes an impact.

Digital Check-In

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Medical Checkin Software

Our medical checkin solution pairs perfectly with DriveUp, Collections, Screeners, and Consent Forms On-the-Fly to Make the patient experience a winner. See the reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.