Succeeding in the era of staff shortages

Short on staff.
Long on results.

You have options. Even in these unique and challenging times, there are things you can do to overcome staff shortages or high turnover. Your team deserves smarter resources. And your patients are craving the same digital simplicity they get when shopping, booking travel, or ordering meals.

You can provide the answers they need. It’s a choice, and we can help.

These digital solutions will give you immediate results:


Gain 8-10 minutes per saved call

When patients can self-schedule with their providers, it means your staff doesn’t need to field call after call. This technology is a game-changer and the benefits are immediate. Plus, patients love it and you’ll save 8-10 minutes on every call that you don’t have to answer.

Qure4u’s self-scheduling is highly configurable and customizable to your specific scheduling rules. Once this solution has been implemented, patients will be guided to the correct provider in just a few clicks.

That’s cool: Patients can use their phones, tablets, or computers, and they don’t need to log in.

AI-based internal scheduling​

Save 5-7 minutes per call

We think your staff should be able to schedule your patients quickly and easily without needing to learn complex rules or scrolling through days of open time slots. And we can make that happen.

Patient Check-in

Qure4u’s Internal Scheduling module gives you the power to set up your rules to automatically apply, creating a much faster method for staff to organize patient schedules. Not only does it save you time, but our stand-alone browser version allows you to have remote schedulers answer the phones because this solution can be used without logging into your EHR.

Patient Check-in

That’s awesome: New staff onboarding is much faster and easier because they don’t need to memorize complex rules.

Patient Check-in

Patient pre-registration and one-click check-in

Save 12-15 minutes per appointment

It really is as simple as it sounds. You can digitize all your documentation, consents, patient payments, and intake forms. Collect Insurance cards and IDs digitally, and let patients do all of that from home and you will save a ton of time immediately.
Patient Dashboard
Qure4u’s Smart-logic will ensure patients only see the tasks that apply to them and never will be asked to do duplicate tasks.
Patient Dashboard

That’s neat: With a simple color-coding option, our solutions make it easy for front-desk staff to check in patients with just one click.

Patient Dashboard

Consents on-the-fly

Save 4 minutes per consent

Imagine eliminating all paper forms from your office. Any document or questionnaire that wasn’t completed via check-in can be pushed with just one click to the patient’s phone to be filled out.

That’s right: Patients sign or fill out the form without having to log in, and the forms are automatically uploaded to the patient’s chart. So easy.

Chatbot, flows, and worklists

Save 15-25 minutes per request

Give your staff the freedom to put more focus on patients – rather than handling the monotonous deluge of incoming questions and requests – by Implementing a secure, HIPAA-compliant chatbot on your website. The bot will now handle the medical record requests, billing questions, test results, school registrations, new patient registration, and whatever else is bogging down your team.

Patient Dashboard
Also, your staff will appreciate easy-to-use worklists with the requests sorted, and Qure4u’s smart-logic ensures they have all the information needed to fulfill the request.
Patient Dashboard

That’s fast: This will give patients a quicker and more convenient way to send requests.

Patient Dashboard

Bonus benefit to it all:

Higher patient satisfaction

Not only will these solutions maximize your valuable time and make it easier to onboard new staff, your patients will love these tools, which boosts patient satisfaction.