Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Providing care
from a distance.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

The flexibility of remote patient monitoring devices and software allows you to serve a wider population of patients. The power of real-time data gives you the opportunity to make better clinical decisions based on comprehensive patient data.

Because these devices are plug-and-play ready, it’s easy to keep patients engaged and on-track with their at-home monitoring with automated messages created with custom care plans. This enables your providers and staff to review and act on alerts that are automatically generated based on your parameters.


The RPM Playbook.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

Dr. Monica gives you a step-by-step guide for how your patients and your organization can benefit from an RPM plan.


Super analytics.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

The Qure4u RPM Analytics dashboard will let you see how your patients are performing with the RPM compliance rate, average vital readings, and the average number of vitals out of range. Actionable data like this leads to improved health outcomes.

Bonus Benefit

Higher patient satisfaction

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

This is yet another digital convenience your patients are expecting. They will love how easy this is, which boosts your organization’s reputation.


One-click enrollment.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

Smart Meter devices are plug-and-play right out of the box. Devices are shipped to the patient’s door, ready to use, with only one click. Seamlessly moving health data from the patient to the provider’s platform is why Qure4u relies on Smart Meter. By solving these complexities, Smart Meter enables the compilation of critical insights from health data, transforming care management.

Recycling: Once a patient graduates from the RPM program, the device is set for the next person.


Custom care plans.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

Custom care plans ensure your patients receive pre-determined email or text notifications to perform their tasks. It’s so simple that patients don’t need to create an account or download an app.

Qure4u offers a variety of modifications to ensure you’re tagged-in when you’re needed. We make it simple to see how the patient is trending with measurements and compliance within the clinical dashboard. You can even customize the patient’s goal to receive flags for out-of-range or compliance concerns.

Smart Meter Recognition

Smart Partner Gold Status

Qure4u’s partnership with RPM leader Smart Meter continues to provide exceptional results for providers and patients, and we’re honored to be recognized by Smart Meter as a Smart Partner Gold Status for 2023.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Software

Our RPM solution pairs perfectly with Secure Texting, Telehealth, Newsfeed, and Care Plans to deliver the results your organization needs. See the reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.