Patient Scheduling Software


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In this era of staff shortages and heavy call volume, this patient scheduling software will benefit your staff and patients immediately. The results are impressive, and they speak for themselves.

With Qure4u’s self-scheduling solution, patients can see available time slots and filter by specialty, provider, visit type, insurance, and location. The scheduling tool integrates seamlessly with your EHR.

With Staff Scheduling, you create unique scheduling rules that are automatically applied, making things more efficient for your staff.


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Patient Scheduling Software

When patients can self-schedule online, they’re happier and healthier. Plus, your staff has fewer calls to answer. Plus, patients love it and you’ll save valuable time for every call that you don’t have to answer.

Qure4u’s patient scheduling software is highly configurable to your specific scheduling rules. It seamlessly integrates with your EHR schedule, and takes into consideration your scheduling templates but allows you to add configurations so you can create rules for appointments, providers, and departments. 

Patient Scheduling Software

Custom branding.

All of our solutions are white-labeled, meaning your patients will only see your branding, logos, colors, and styles. That continuity makes for a more seamless experience for everyone.

Get the first available.

Give your patients the freedom to choose a provider’s first availability. With provider-patient smart matching, you can apply scheduling filters to help patients find the right provider fit.

Wait-time announcements.

If you have walk-in clinics, you can show expected
wait times on your website, which helps direct patients to the clinic with minimal tasks. The wait-time widget adjusts wait times based on how many patients have arrived, and it intelligently adjusts if your staff is falling behind – this is key.

QR-code friendly

Custom mobile QR codes take patients directly to your scheduling page Teams and provide scheduling options by grouping similar smart matched providers.

Read the playbook.

Get expert advice from Dr. Monica Bolbjerg.

Multi-access for patients.

These features are app, mobile, and web-browser accessible for a more enjoyable experience.

Make it your own.

Qure4u’s patient scheduling software is highly customizable to your specific scheduling rules. Once this solution has been implemented, patients will be guided to the correct provider in just a few clicks.


Helps patients find the correct location.

8-10 minutes

Patient Scheduling Software

That’s how much time your staff saves for every call they didn’t need to answer thanks to your patients scheduling their own appointments online, rather than bogging down your team with call after call.


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Patient Scheduling Software

With patient scheduling software, your staff should have the power to schedule your patients quickly and easily without needing to learn complex rules or scrolling through days of open time slots.

Qure4u’s Internal Scheduling module allows you to set up your rules to automatically apply, creating a much faster method for your staff to organize patient schedules. Not only does it save you time, but our stand-alone browser version allows remote schedulers to answer the phones because this solution can be used without logging into your EHR.

Get in the zone: Internal Scheduling adjusts for different time zones, so you won’t have to worry about scheduling snafus.

Added bonus: New staff onboarding is much faster and easier because they don’t need to memorize complex rules.

Your staff will love this scheduling feature.

Patient Scheduling Software

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Patient Scheduling Software

Our Self-Scheduling solution pairs perfectly with Wait Times and Patient Surveys to make it easier for patients to get what they need. See the reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.