Clinic Workflow Solutions

Optimize workflows.

Next-level efficiency
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Medical Consent Forms

Staff shortages and burnout are crushing healthcare teams in all 50 states. We’re here to change that. Qure4u’s clinic workflow solutions help to simplify your workload, get you paid faster, and bring joy back to your days.

During the patient’s visit, we give you the tools to dramatically reduce the time-consuming work your team typically does by hand.

When you choose to make efficiency a priority, your entire organization experiences better results, including a stronger bottom line, less burnout, and more smiles.


Meet your patients
where they are.

Clinic Workflow Solutions

With Qure4u, your patients can do all their paperwork at home, at the park, at the coffee shop, anywhere they want. They can sign documents, fill out forms, pay co-pay, and more, using their phones, tablets, or computers. For those who aren’t ready for that much freedom and untethered convenience, we provide in-office digital check-in options so they can to do their tasks on a tablet or kiosk at your office.

Patients who choose to check in remotely with their own devices will click a secure link sent via SMS text or email. This process is customizable by provider, age, gender, frequency, appointment type, and more.


Clinic Workflow Solutions

When that many of your patients check in online prior to visiting your office, your staff will experience more time and freedom to get more done. That  should be your goal.


The car becomes
the waiting room.

Clinic Workflow Solutions

When you allow patients to wait in their vehicle, you enhance their experience. You also decrease the number of patients in your waiting room while making sure that their forms are complete before entering the building.

Our system alerts staff when patients arrive, and provides quick-link access for easy and secure patient identification. Real-time visibility of the patient’s status of arrival and check-in enables you to keep your patients and staff informed and safe.


Leave no money
on the table.

Clinic Workflow Solutions

Collect payments and co-pays and get paid immediately. Simple. Seamless. Secure. Our contactless self-service payment collection option is everything you need in one platform. Patients love the convenience of making payments ahead of the appointment.


You need this.
You really do.

Clinic Workflow Solutions

Screeners and forms can be sent automatically to patients during check-in and integrated into patient charts in your EHR, reducing the time and effort required for printing and filing forms.

The forms are mapped to different appointment types with various renewal times, ensuring patients receive the appropriate forms at the right time. Forms can either be customized, standard, or pulled directly from your EHR, such as PHI and ROS forms.


Providers love
this feature.

Clinic Workflow Solutions

Simplify your consent and questionnaire process. Quickly send standard or custom forms directly to your patients’ mobile devices or office tablets, improving compliance and eliminating paper forms.

We get it, not all procedures are planned, and when they’re needed, your staff and providers can send patients the required consent forms, with the click of a button, removing the need for printing, scanning, and filing. Patients sign on their device, and the signed forms are automatically filed in their chart … it really is that easy. See our reviews on the athenahealth Marketplace.

Clinic Workflow Solutions

Seamless EHR integration

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