Qure4u at-a-glance

Qure4u was founded as a Delaware corporation in 2015 built upon the patient engagement platform initially developed by Dr. Monica Bolbjerg in 2001. Over the past few years, Qure4u has assembled many of the nation’s leading experts in virtual care, consumer engagement, interoperability, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, care strategy, and leadership best practices to solidify its position as the leading fully integrated, comprehensive digital health platform in America. Qure4u’s corporate headquarters is in Bradenton, Florida with additional offices in Atlanta, GA, San Marcos, CA & Madrid, Spain.

Qure4u today serves over 15,000 daily users of the MyCarePlan patient engagement and virtual care platform. Our customers serve over 10M patients with an average of 2,500 new patients registering each day on Qure4u’s platform.

Importantly as well, Qure4u’s interoperability team has created 25,000 interfaces managing 5M interoperability transactions daily across 350 separate health IT systems.