November 22, 2022 | 6-minute read

Qure4u Access Package: Self-scheduling and so much more

By Monica Bolbjerg, MD, co-founder and CEO of Qure4u

At Qure4u, we’ve been perfecting patient self-scheduling for two decades. Our self-scheduling is probably the most robust on the market, and providers who use our solutions experience the joy of converting scheduling phone calls to calendars that are automatically filled by patients. And bonus: they’re attracting more new patients!

If you’re looking to drastically reduce your patient calls and want to attract more patients to your clinic, this is the way to go.

Qure4u offers three different packages with all the tools needed to improve Access: Plus, Premium, and Enterprise.

Access Plus – The perfect starter kit for self-scheduling

A self-scheduling page designed for simplicity and ease of use for all patients – and they don’t need to log in.

Seamlessly integrated with your EHR schedule, the self-scheduling function takes into consideration your scheduling templates but allows you to add extra configurations so that you can create rules for appointments, providers, and departments.

The self-scheduling page is also branded to match your organization’s style and colors. It’s simple to integrate to your website and works just as well on mobile as on tablet and a computer browser.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 30-50% of appointments are scheduled by patients
  • 20-30 new patients per provider per month

When you’re ready to eliminate patient calls and attract more new patients, Access Plus can help.

Access Premium – Taking self-scheduling to the next level        

For organizations trying to manage complex provider scheduling rules, high staff turnover, and the desire to optimize patient-provider matching and calendars, Access Premium is the answer.

You get:

Advanced scheduling options:

Advanced filtering, show first available, search by location, find doctor that speaks a specific language or offers special services etc.

We understand how important it is to do correct patient-provider matching, and we’re giving you the most advanced configuration rules so you can open more of your schedule to your patients to self-serve.

Wait time announcements:

If you have walk-in clinics, you can show expected wait times on your website, which helps direct patients to the clinic with minimal tasks.

The wait-time widget adjusts wait times based on how many patients have arrived, and it intelligently adjusts if your staff is falling behind – this is key.

Internal scheduling:

Finding new staff members is difficult enough, and it’s compounded by needing extra time to train them, but you need to make sure that your providers are scheduled with the correct patients.

Qure4u’s internal-scheduling platform is a breeze for staff to use. It automates all internal rules, so it’s faster to schedule, easier to onboard new staff, and can be used by external schedulers without giving access to your EHR.

With this tool, you can onboard new staff in hours instead of weeks, and you don’t have to worry whether your provider schedules are being filled correctly.

Patient satisfaction surveys:

Patients love self-scheduling, and they prefer to work with providers who offer digital care tools – and now we give you the tools to gain their feedback and measure the results.

Simple, efficient patient adoption provides you with meaningful data and includes advanced analytics so you can see where you do well and where you can improve.

Access Enterprise – When you’re ready to thrive

For large groups with multiple locations, these Enterprise features are game-changers:

Geo-location scheduling with direction. Give your patients the option to search for the nearest location based on their current location. Geo-location works on mobile, tablet, computer, and can be added to your mobile app.

Multi-branding. If you have provider groups under your umbrella that need their own branding, we can support that, as well.

Custom analytics, custom training, data export, and more. Many of Qure4u’s customers are Enterprise groups, and we have the resources and team to help large organizations thrive, so you should have confidence that we’ll provide the custom tools you need to support your business – just let us know.

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