Eliminate heavy call volumes.

Give your staff
time to thrive.

What would your organization look like if more and more of your patients starting scheduling their own appointments online, rather than calling your office to book their visits? We can make that happen.

Heavy call volumes destroy staff morale and feed the fire of healthcare burnout. You can avoid all of that with these digital solutions, which provide immediate results.


Fewer calls,
more tasks done.

In the current healthcare industry, patients prioritize providers who offer easy and convenient services. Self-scheduling is a great way to stand out from competitors and showcase your dedication to meeting your patients’ requirements.

Self-scheduling benefits patients in various ways. It enables them to schedule appointments at their own convenience, without the annoyance of being on hold or dealing with complex scheduling procedures. Additionally, it allows staff to concentrate on delivering excellent care to patients and improving overall practice efficiency.

Staff Scheduling.

Now your staff can schedule patients quickly without needing to learn complex rules or scrolling through days of open time slots. More time in their days means more productivity.

We give you the power to set up your rules to automatically apply, making it faster for staff to organize patient schedules. You’ll save 3-5 minutes on every appointment scheduled over the phone – it’s that much faster!


Minutes saved for every appointment booked using Staff Scheduling to make your office more efficient. These minutes add up over time, and are big savings on FTE time every day.

New hires.

New staff onboarding is much faster and easier when you use Staff Scheduling because trainees don’t need to memorize complex rules or learn to navigate the EHR.

A proactive plan to reduce calls.


Get it done on the go.

What would your organization look like if your team didn’t need to constantly handle and file paper documentation? Now you can eliminate all paper forms from your office. 

Any document or questionnaire that wasn’t completed via check-in can be pushed with just one click to the patient’s phone to be filled out.

That’s right: Patients sign or fill out forms without having to log in, and the forms automatically upload to the patient’s chart.

Get with the flows.

Give your staff the freedom to put more focus on patients – rather than handling the deluge of incoming questions and requests – by implementing a secure, HIPAA-compliant chatbot on your website.

The bot handles the medical record requests, billing questions, test results, school registrations, new patient registration, and whatever else is bogging down your team.

Also, your staff will appreciate easy-to-use worklists with the requests sorted.

Save 15-20 minutes per request.

Seamless EHR integration