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Text Messaging

Secure + Non-HIPAA compliant. (Normal price: $25)

Revolutionize your practice-wide communication. Send HIPAA-compliant and non-PHI related messages to patients to alert them about their visits, instructions, and appointment reminders. With Qure4u, patients never need to remember a login or password, or download an app.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Improved patient satisfaction. (Normal price: $25)

Capture meaningful patient information with Qure4u’s reputation management tools. These user-friendly surveys are completely customizable and give you the power to learn more about your patient’s satisfaction about their visit and your practice.


The stress-free waiting room experience. (Normal price: $25)

Minimize the number of patients in your waiting room while making sure their forms are complete before they even enter the building. By giving your patients the option to wait in their own vehicle, you limit their exposure to illnesses and enhance their visit experience. That’s a win-win!

Telehealth Chat + Dialer

Enhance your Telehealth capabilities. (Normal price: $15)

During a Telehealth visit, you can securely message with the patient within the chat. Plus, you can connect with a caregiver, suicide hotline, or translator, with patient permission, by dialing a phone number instead of having them join by video-call.

Smart Scheduling

Advanced filters + Staff Scheduling. (Normal price: $25)

Qure4u’s Internal Scheduling module lets you set up your rules to automatically apply, creating a much faster method for your staff to organize patient schedules. Streamline patient-provider matching with advanced filters and preferences per provider such as insurance, accepting new patients, and languages. Already have self-scheduling? Well, Qure4u’s advanced filters take it up a notch by giving your patients the power to choose options such as “first available provider” and more!

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