February 29, 2024 | 5-minute read

Navigating Success: Automation to Improve Patient Flow and Free Up Staff Time

How can you do more with less and improve patient satisfaction at the same time? One area to look at is patient flow.

The impact of inflation on operating costs means many clinics and health systems are trying to work with tighter budgets amidst staff shortages and layoffs. Recent survey findings revealed the current economic situation is the No. 1 concern for most healthcare CFOs (Deloitte). When it comes to solving for labor shortages and cost containment, optimizing patient flow is key. By finding ways to improve patient flow, practices can save staff time, improve healthcare quality, and improve the patient experience overall. 

At Qure4u we are always working on solutions to help practices conserve resources and stay ahead of the competition. Our latest innovation, Patient Navigator, minimizes wait times and administrative hassles to create an environment where both patients and staff thrive.


Improve Patient Throughput, Improve the Patient Experience

Our initial vision for Patient Navigator was straightforward – to revolutionize patient management by empowering patients and streamlining workflows. We wanted to provide an easy-to-implement solution that would free up healthcare teams to concentrate on delivering exceptional patient care, creating a ripple effect of improved patient flow and satisfaction across the entire organization. 

We created Patient Navigator to turn this vision into reality.


Go-Live Triumphs with Two Oncology Practices

Patient Navigator can benefit many practice specialties, such as urgent care, FQHCs, CHCs, and primary care. Recently, we partnered with two oncology practices, going onsite to help them welcome in a new wave of efficiency and patient satisfaction. Those practices were Texas Oncology and Affiliated Oncologists.


Texas Oncology in Round Rock, TX

Equipped with 9 schedulers, the team at this bustling clinic grappled with patient flow and patient management challenges. Patients, eager to schedule their next visit, would often approach schedulers while they were on the phone, leading to even longer phone calls and confusion about whom to approach. 

Guided by the expertise of Qure4u’s Director of Product, Kayme Oelberg, and Senior Vice President of Sales, Mike Barbour, the implementation proved to be a resounding success. 

“Experiencing the impact of our Patient Navigator firsthand on both patients and staff was so exciting. The rapid adoption of the workflow by their staff empowered them to take control of the patient scheduling process, providing a newfound sense of control and calm.

From a patient’s standpoint, whether receiving a text or glancing at the waiting room monitor, the visibility into the queue instilled a sense of empowerment and assurance as they awaited their turn. As an occasional patient, I understand the frustration of navigating a crowded waiting room, witnessing others called back sooner, and needing to confirm my check-in status. The simplicity of a monitor running Patient Navigator brings the transparency and visibility that every patient deserves.

With minimal setup, configuration, and training, the entire scheduling team and over 20 patients seamlessly integrated the Patient Navigator workflow within hours of the office opening – a true testament to its low-risk, high-reward impact.” – Mike Barbour, Senior Vice President of Sales,  Qure4u.


Affiliated Oncologists in Chicago

Affiliated Oncologists faced challenges in navigating their large oncology practice due to its size, creating complexities for both staff and patients. The need for patients to visit different floors for various types of care turned the whole process into a maze. In response, Affiliated Oncologists introduced Patient Navigator, strategically placing displays of the queue in the waiting room and main hallway as guideposts. 

Under the leadership of Qure4u Customer Success Manager, Courtney Maldonado, the clinic achieved a flawless operation from day one. The seamless go-live demonstrated the commitment and efficiency of the clinic’s team, setting a positive tone for the continued success of Patient Navigator.  

Though patients adapt swiftly, proactive patient education is a priority. Affiliated Oncologists aims to boost adoption by educating patients on the benefits of receiving texts. This will help make sure they can improve patient flow while reducing the workload (and steps) for staff.

Both practices saw results in just the first few hours  …


Patient Navigator seamlessly streamlined the patient lifecycle, eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing the overall patient experience. Patients were excited and followed queues on the display screen with ease.


Real-time updates kept patients informed, minimizing confusion and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience. Most impressively, the quick adoption of these communication tools by the staff further contributed to the success of the day! 

Looking to see what Patient Navigator can do for your practice? Contact us.

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