Practices, FQHCs,
and the largest
health systems.

The Qure4u platform integrates seamlessly with the leading EHRs, and because our technology is scalable, we’re uniquely positioned to partner with healtchare organizations of every size and specialty, from coast to coast, to help you thrive.

We are the platform for everyone.

Yes, everyone. Every person you know can benefit from Qure4u. No other healthcare platform is as easy to use for patients, providers, and staff, and we offer the simplest, most meaningful user experience. Patients can use any device, and no login is required. And because of our seamless integration, your staff and providers work inside the EHR, and one-click functionality makes it a breeze to get more done.

Above all else, we’re here to help you be successful, and we put a team around you to make sure that happens. As your organization grows, we’ll be at your side, offering expertise and listening to your suggestions, collaborating on a roadmap that perfectly fits your needs. We’re ready when you are.


Too often, certain populations are underserved and swept aside. We understand the challenges you’re facing, so we’re providing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your communities and organization.

Simple UDS reporting.

We make it easy to track your organization’s performance. With Qure4u, you have the tools to position your team to reach and exceed established benchmarks.

Making positive change.

We offer time-saving solutions that allow you and your staff to spend more time focusing on caring for the people in your neighborhoods.

High adoption rates.

Across the board, we’re seeing an average of 85% adoption, and that number is only going up. Patients of all ages are engaging with the technology because of its simplicity. Expand your reach to ensure your patients’ quality of health.

Health systems
and hospitals.

The larger your organization, the greater the need for stability, efficiency, and consistency. Those just happen to be a few of our specialties.

Harness actionable data.

This is a game-changer. Our real-time aggregation platform allows your organization to detect and monitor patients at-risk. You can easily communicate with your patients and track their results, and then put plans into action.

Lean on us for support.

We want you to focus on patient care, so our dedicated Patient Support Team will step in and help patients who need a little bit of help to get started.

Make onboarding simple.

We are experts in rolling out the platform to large, complex provider groups with custom data and configuration needs.

Large groups often have several siloed solutions in place and the platform roll-out is optimized to create the least disruption while adding new value at the same time.

and providers.

We’re the only vendor that can support multiple EHRs per organization and still provide a single user interface for the patients.

Independent providers?

Even if your organization adds new physicians, they can stay independent and keep their existing EHR. We allow them to do that and keep a consistent patient experience.

Patient payment transparency.

Integration that works.

Qure4u is a world master in smart integrations. We know how to make an API call meaningful for patient and how to place data back in the right place for the staff and provider.

No more waiting for "someday."

Adaptable. Flexible. On-point.

Qure4u’s success is based on our platform architecture and the philosophy we use to build features:

  1. Build integrations that can be reused for all features.
  2. Fast and easy onboarding, maintenance, and support.
  3. Modular architecture that ensures multiple go-to-market options,
  4. White-labeling, embedding, and open APIs.
  5. Analytics for everyone and everything.

We deliver smart-logic in our open APIs, making it possible for your organization to build your own frontend on top of our smart logic. It’s up to you, but our experts will guide you to the decision that offers the best outcomes.

The embedded analytics platform is used to analyze adoption and outcomes. All features in use can be analyzed in detail and cross-feature by location, provider, service/visit type, patient demographics, and more.