Staff shortages and burnout are crushing healthcare teams in all 50 states. We’re helping to change that. Qure4u’s digital health platform simplifies your workload, gets you paid faster, and brings joy back to your days.
And there’s no app required!

Workflow efficiency is everything.

During the patient’s visit, the Qure4u digital health platform dramatically reduces the time-consuming work your care team typically does by hand.

And when you choose to make efficiency a priority, your entire organization experiences better results, including a stronger bottom line, less burnout, and more smiles. 

0 min
saved per patient per encounter
$ 0 k
average annual revenue increase per provider

Harness digital check-in with ease, right from your EHR.

  • Allow patients to conveniently check-in remotely using their own devices.
  • Eliminate the need for communal in-office tablets and kiosks.

Collect payments and co-pays and get paid immediately.

  • Simple. Seamless. Secure. Our contactless self-service payment collection option is everything you need in one platform.
  • Patients love the convenience of making payments ahead of the appointment.

Send and receive consent forms on-the-fly.

  • No setup required.
  • Patients receive both an email and a text message letting them know that a document needs to be signed.

Save time.
Get paid faster.
Boost revenue.

Qure4u’s easy-to-use and fully integrated patient payment solution maximizes collections while giving patients convenience and peace of mind.

Improve collections:

  • See more cash flow
  • Decrease collection fees
  • Reduce write-offs
  • Increase payment contract enrollment
  • Improve operational efficiency across all touchpoints

Spend less time processing payments:

  • Reduce manual payment entry and human error
  • See payment information in real-time
  • Eliminate lost or missed charges

Take advantage of flexible communication:

  • Send secure email and text reminders
  • Utilize pop-up notification in the patient portal
  • See payment notifications sent to staff
$ 0 k
Average revenue increase by
collecting payment digitally

In a single year,
using digital check-in ...

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Fewer data
entry clicks
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Valuable staff hours
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Or more staff
salary saved
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Patient hours

In a single year,
digital check-in ...


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