Qure4u Events / June 20 - 22, 2024

HCN’s 30th Annual Board Educational Conference

What FQHCs need to efficiently serve the underserved, faster. Including walk-in management, automated scheduling, increased collections, care follow-up, and outcome documentation.

Boca Raton, FL

Don't just take our word for it ...

Self Scheduling and Patient Navigator

Drive operational success & patient satisfaction

Qure4u facilitates seeing more patients through self-scheduling and walk-in management, which not only increases patient volume but also enhances satisfaction by reducing wait times and administrative burdens.

Automatic Scheduling: Allow patients to schedule appointments at their convenience without staff involvement, saving 8-10 minutes of staff time per appointment.

Faster Patient Flow:  Patient Navigator send automated text alerts provide real-time status updates, ensuring transparency, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the most efficient experience for patients and staff. 

Copays and Secure Texting

Collect more, faster.

Qure4u collects 90% of copays before visits, minimizing post-visit collection issues and improving cash flow.

Plus see me patients, faster! Text-based communication processes aimed at improving competence and documenting outcomes for sliding fee schedules and UDS reporting and enables FQHCs to serve up to 5 more patients per day, increasing provider capacity and improving overall patient care! 


Meet the Qure4u team going to Boca Raton!

Lets talk solutions

Amalie Bolbjerg

Sales Director 

Lets talk revenue

Torsten Bolbjerg

Chief Financial Officer 

With seamless EHR integration and customization, the Qure4u platform fits right into your workflows. What you should notice is how much easier it makes your workday:

50% less phone calls

80% of tasks automated

90% of copays collection pre-visit


Qure4u is an all-in-one digital health solution. We offer the automation and one-click functionality your staff is craving, and we integrate seamlessly with your current workflows. No other platform is as easy to use and as loved by both providers and patients. With the right partner, you can provide the care your patients deserve. We help you do that.