Qure4u Events / May 29 - 31, 2024

Meet us at MGMA Focus | Operations Conference

See Chatbot, Secure Messaging, Booking Booster, and all the latest in operational efficiency in action at booth #506!

Chicago, IL

Chatbot and Secure Texting

Get more time to get more done, with less.

Chatbot & Worklists: Imagine eliminating all patient calls about schedule requests, medical records, billing, registration, school care, and more. And then, in their place, you have AI-based worklists so your staff can handle those requests with just a few simple clicks.  

Secure Texting: HIPAA-compliant, bi-directional, provider-to-patient conversations have never been easier. Qure4u’s Secure Texting can be initiated by either party, and patients don’t have to remember a login, a password, or download an app … ever. The result? Save 5 minutes for every phone call that is replaced by bi-directional texting. 

Self-Scheduling and Booking Booster

Keep schedules full.

Self Scheduling: Empower patients to self-serve. With self-scheduling, patients can easily view available time slots and filter by specialty, provider, visit type, insurance, and location. This scheduling tool integrates seamlessly with your EHR, reducing the workload for your staff.

Booking Booster:  Fill canceled or rescheduled appointments the moment they open up by automatically offering slots to patients on the waitlist. This proactive approach optimizes revenue and helps ensure consistent patient flow all without the need for full-time employee involvement. 

Meet the Qure4u team going to Chicago!

Lets talk solutions

Katie Nifong

Sales Director 

Lets talk revenue

Torsten Bolbjerg

Chief Financial Officer 

Lets talk efficiency

Blake McWilliams 

Sales Director 

With seamless EHR integration and customization, the Qure4u platform fits right into your workflows. What you should notice is how much easier it makes your workday:

50% less phone calls

80% of tasks automated

90% of copays collection pre-visit


Qure4u is an all-in-one digital health solution. We offer the automation and one-click functionality your staff is craving, and we integrate seamlessly with your current workflows. No other platform is as easy to use and as loved by both providers and patients. With the right partner, you can provide the care your patients deserve. We help you do that.