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Inform Decision-Making and Guarantee ROI with Healthcare Analytics

Gain a competitive edge using healthcare analytics to measure the performance and impact of your workflows, your team, and your technology investments

Healthcare analytics is the future, and that future is now.

Let’s dive into healthcare analytics for medical practices! We know, we know – for some this may be more of a page-turner than others. But have you ever found yourself wondering which providers are most utilized? Or contemplating which tools are saving the most full-time employee hours? Then congratulations, you’re already thinking like a data analyst! 

Healthcare analytics and reporting tools are crucial for healthcare practices looking to make data-driven decisions to streamline processes and gain a competitive edge. According to an article by Forbes, a survey conducted by Deloitte revealed that 49% of respondents acknowledge that analytics enhances their decision-making, 16% credit it for bolstering key strategic initiatives, and 10% attribute improved relationships with customers and business partners to analytics. 

To fully capitalize on these  benefits, knowing how to extract maximum value from your data is essential. And you can’t do that without the right analytics and reporting tools. So, how do you go about putting your data into action to make decisions that will improve operational efficiency, ease staff shortages, and increase revenue?


Optimize resources and improve operational efficiency

Are you getting the most out of your technology investments? Feeling the impact of staff shortages because the team you do have is buried in administrative work?  With healthcare analytics to guide operational decisions, you can ensure any decisions you make are backed by data. Comprehensive data analytics for medical practices can reveal:

  1. Opportunities to reallocate resources to boost your bottom line.
  2. Whether your digital solutions are being used effectively and if they’re worth the expense.
  3. Where staff time is being spent so you can make adjustments to optimize staff efficiency.

Last year, one Qure4u customer implemented an automated patient check-in process. This allowed them to eliminate staff time spent on manual tasks like scanning, filing, and processing paperwork. By looking at Qure4u’s analytics dashboards, they were able to see that a whopping 1.4 million tasks (no, that’s not a typo!) had been completed without any staff involvement. With visibility into how much staff time had been freed up, they were able to determine where they could redirect staff to focus on more high-value tasks. Plus, seeing all those hours freed up gave them peace of mind that their technology investment was well worth it.


Course correct with real-time data insights at every level

Curious about your clinical workflow efficiency? Wondering how you can spot potential issues and tackle them early on?

Real-time healthcare analytics can surface potential problems as they arise. Make the most of real-time analytics with the ability to access them at each level of your organization. Real-time insights across departments, teams, and providers can help detect bottlenecks in specific areas, pinpointing when and where issues are occurring. With this level of analysis, you can make adjustments to course correct before a relatively minor problem gets out of control.

Here’s a couple scenarios where monitoring healthcare analytics in real time can be useful:

  • You observe Sarah on the front desk team is scheduling more appointments than Jenny. – Leverage this information to decide when to give Jenny more training.
  • You notice that one department collects much more patient payments pre-visit – analyze their workflows to find out what they do better and train the other departments on the same workflow.

TIPS4U: Optimize staff use of digital tools. While conducting a quarterly customer review, the Qure4u customer success team helped a practice identify two departments that had lower appointment distribution. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that one department was relying on outdated printing and scanning methods. The other department was composed mostly of new hires who lacked training on the Qure4u platform. By reallocating more experienced staff to the first department and educating the team in the other department, the practice was able to get everything running smoothly.  


Increase patient acquisition and patient retention

Healthcare analytics can provide a deeper understanding of the makeup and engagement patterns of your patient base. By harnessing patient demographic and patient engagement data, you can create tailored communications and marketing efforts to target specific sub-segments. Reaching patients on the right channels at the right time with messaging that resonates can help increase patient acquisition and patient adoption. For example, if you notice that your main demographic skews older, try highlighting consumer-friendliness and ease of use. If you manage a pediatric practice and your interactions are with parents, focus on messaging that emphasizes the time-saving benefits!


Change moves at the speed of actionable data

Presenting your team with data that lacks actionable insights is the same as providing them with no data at all. Qure4u provides customers with a series of purpose-built dashboards. These dashboards revolve around patient engagement, patient access, and workflow optimization. With access to laser-focused insights, your team can easily put data into action to increase revenue and improve operational efficiency. Patient-reported outcome tools enhance the depth of analysis for comprehensive healthcare decision-making. 

Want the run-down on Qure4u’s healthcare analytics dashboards? Uncover patient booking trends, optimize your check-in and scheduling processes, and gauge staff adoption and patient engagement beyond your practice. Get in touch with us!

Curious about where to get started with digital tools?

If you’re uncertain about where to start, completing the SCORE4U assessment can help evaluate your organizational readiness and identify the best opportunities to increase patient acquisition and efficiency. You’ll get a report with your overall digital health score + scores for 9 components that are essential for practices looking to drive adoption, efficiencies, and better outcomes using digital patient engagement tools.

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