Bringing providers and patients together, no matter where they are.

Boost revenue.
Treat your patients
anytime, anywhere.

Qure4u brings patients and providers together, wherever they are. All communications and tools are in one place, on one screen, enabling providers to stay efficient and provide quality care no matter where the patient is.

​This year your company will lose approximately $150,000 in revenue, per provider, due to patient no-shows and cancellations. That figure doesn’t even account for uncollectable funds and after-hour visits that you may not be getting paid for.

​Qure4u’s platform reduces no-shows and cancellations and allows you to get paid for after-hour calls. The impact? The average eVisit customer sees revenue increase by $26,426 per provider, annually.

​Ready to see how Qure4u will increase revenue in your organization?

Easy-to-use video calls on phones, tablets, or web.

Telehealth with Qure4u is easy to use for both patients and providers. Patients start the video call from their app or computer. There is no need to download new software. Providers schedule and start the call from their EHR with the click of a button.

Features include:

  • Advanced screen-sharing
  • Integration with scheduling
  • Payment retrieval prior to calls
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • And so much more!

Connecting patients and providers
before, during, and after the visit
through our Circle of Care


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