June 3, 2022 | 3-minute read

Torsten Bolbjerg named 2022 CFO of the Year Honoree

Torsten Bolbjerg, CFO of Qure4u

From the Tampa Bay Business Journal:

Torsten Bolbjerg and his wife, Dr. Monica Bolbjerg, both Danish natives, founded Qure4u, and have since built it to be a leader in the health care information technology industry. In the past year, Bolbjerg helped manage the company’s first external financial audit, in addition to overseeing a funding round that led to a $25 million investment from a Boston-based growth equity fund. In addition, his leadership has allowed for a 100%+ increase in the company’s number of employees, growing from 30 to more than 65.

Before the pandemic, Qure4u had 2% of its users on telehealth, and in just two months, that had changed to more than 80%. The company worked to create a separate module on its existing platform for customers, which helped propel the company’s growth and reach.

He shared, “We love what we do, and we’re so proud of the meaningful impact we’ve had on millions of people.”