Mobile and in-office
registration with specialty
specific workflows.

Empower your
patients with
Digital Check-in

With Qure4u, your patients can do all their paperwork at home: Sign documents, fill out forms, pay co-pay, etc., using their phones, tablets, or computers. For those who choose not to, we provide in-office digital check-in options enabling them to do their tasks at the office.

The Digital Check-in app can also be used for guiding patients
through their care plan or pre-and post-procedure tasks.

Everything is 100% integrated with your EHR — eliminating data entry by hand so you can get rid of letters and papers, saving hours on data entry and improving your patient’s experience.

The ease and convenience
your patients are craving.

Connecting patients and providers
before, during, and after the visit
through our Circle of Care


Want a demo?

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